I am a mixture of farm girl, business woman, junker and all things big dog!

Well hello...
I am a organized mess with a creative mind which equals huge mess maker! I love things of history, the depression era, old bibles, grain bags, font styles, iced coffee and things that make me sigh. 
I have raised one extremely talented daughter and she is raising 4 extremely artistic children of her own...which makes me a grandmother of four, with the maturity level myself of a 12 year old. 
I am to the point, silly, laugh out loud and love to give out random compliments to people I pass. My own mother says I have the gift of gab, but in actuality, I am a fairly quite person with bursts of colors every now and then. 
My husband and I own and run a curiosity junk shop in Dalton, Wisconsin smack dab in the middle of several Amish communities. Dalton itself..well its a sweet little unicorporated town that I am trying to breath new life into.  My mind is like an etch a sketch and so you will never know what adventure i might talk my husband or daughter into! Thank you kindly for riding along this journey! 
To find us on Facebook: South & Main In Dalton