Updating & Wrapping Up 2014

Well Hello, 
Lets get the ball going again ~ literally, the New Years Ball into 2015 and writing posts! 
I have a lot to catch up on, so here is a quick list: Galoshes 2014:

You will have a blast. We get this tiny little town rocking on those market days! And I encouraged my friend, Teresa to open a vintage shop and coffee spot right up the road! Ms. Bouvi'es Vintage Market.
Mocs {Mike} and I had to say goodbye to our 14 year old dog, Willow. Gus is now 2 years old and is learning to hunt with Mocs.
We did The Christmas On The Farm Sale in Belvidere, IL this November, so MaryJanes and I had a road trip and a blast selling at this show! 
We are now replacing windows and making changes to the South & Main building. 

I got a batch of chicks which are now big laying hens and a rooster...still waiting for Mocs to build me my dream coop yet! MaryJanes and I have been doing some day trips and thrifting and crafting. I have South & Main in Dalton closed now through January so that we can expand and replace windows. I can't wait to reveal the new look! Also more industrial, farm, shabby chic vintage treasures and some new new lines!

2014 MaryJanes
She and I kept busy with weddings and photo sessions. She worked on her MJ&G Photography blog and business plan this past year. 

MJ upgraded her camera and added new equptment as well.  Some exciting news for her is that they have the one room school house ready to be her studio. It is gorgeous and shopping for the furniture and art work for it is a blast! She just received some incredible new regarding her work, but I can't spill the beans yet! Dang. She continues to educate herself all the while she raises her 4 kids. 
 MJ&G have penciled in some fun events into our day planners and I will be good about capturing our outing for you to check out. 

This year will ROCK!! Check tomorrow to find out what MJ&G started on December 28th. I hope it inspires you! It involves both of us, each doing the same yet different thing. I hope you'll follow along!