Painted Inspiration & Jewlery Box Giveaway From Whimsy Burd

 You are in for some fresh, fun eye candy and a chance to win a fantastic gift! Let me introduce you to Mollie Burd....I love that name, it's like a cute nickname a grandpa would give his little grand daughter! "Oh my little Mollie Burd." Mollie will inspire you to decorate a children's room, to create yourself a whimsical reading nook or add a splash of fun through out your home! Whimsy Burd offers her painted furniture on etsy. She also offers custom wine glasses painted to look like YOU!!! Check out Mollie's Hand Painted Glasses.  I love these!!!!!

What a great gift for a bride to give her brides maids!
 Whimsy Burd Studio is a small business that was born out of a love for antiques, decorating on a budget, while giving vintage furniture a breath of new life and purpose. While the primary focus of the retail business is painted and refinished furniture, Mollie also carries upholstered pieces, found objects, vintage painted and accessorized custom chandeliers. {Count me in, I'll take 10 chandeliers!} Whimsy Burd also offers handmade accessories for your home and office. Need a special eye catching piece in your studio, something that says,"I am fun and original and you will love my ideas!"

Whimsy Burd will be peddling her beautiful work at the Fun, Funky, Festive Flea & Farmer's Market, on May 10th on the grounds of South & Main, in Dalton, WI.
Can't wait till May 10th to add one for her pieces to your home? Her etsy shop is a blast..... check out Whimsy Burd!

So here is the best part.....Whimsy house is generously giving , to a lucky reader.....:Mollie Burd's Jewelry Box:

Hand painted green & black with lots of storage and an attached mirror. The entire box is sealed and protected with a high gloss non-yellowing polyurethane. A decoupaged antique looking key decorates the top of the jewelry box. This box is very whimsical and one of a kind. The colors of the box are sage green, jet black, crisp white, and metallic gold. 
The height of the box is 10.5 inches, the width is 4.5 inches and the depth is 5.5 inches.

This giveaway is good for shipment within the USA only. How do you enter? Become a follower of this MJ&G blog, go check out Mollie's etsy shop, come back and leave a comment as to which items calls to you the most. Then give her a Like on Facebook. 1 entry per reader and winner will be drawn by random number generator. Giveaway ends at 8pm Central time, on Thursday, March 6th. Announced here on MJ&G, in a winner's post. That lucky person will need to contact me for shipping details. Message me at South & Main, in Dalton on Facebook with that info.

Good Luck!~ Galoshes.


Opps...Sorry Gus....

 It's not that hard...one day a week...Monday, the day after the weekend. She has a calendar...or four and a day planner or two! I am not sure what the deal was! Monday....is Monday's with Gus.

Due to a sponsors post, Mondays with Gus was over looked. I chewed up a toy in rebellion!

And now the pouting shall begin!      

"I won't forgive you ever! Not ever!......What's that? A salt water taffy?? Well...just don't let it happen again!"

Until next Monday....if I am not over looked! ~Gus


Do You Budget Or Does Your Money Control You?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kmart Share the Word for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
My husband and I believe in living a debt free life style thus enjoying our free time more than goods and services. What does this mean exactly? It means that I don't go to the spa to get pedicures and Mocs doesn't buy the newest guy toys.  We don't make a habit of dinning out and we purchase second as often as we can. Could you live this way? Sound boring to you? Let me take it a bit further for you. Mocs and I are both self employed. We get up when we want, nap if we want and go to bed when it suits us. If there is a family emergency, we are available at the drop of a dime to go help. If one of our grandkids has a "take a grandparent to lunch" day, we are excited to go. When one of our dogs gets ill or hurt, we are free to take care of them. For us, more time has a greater value than excess money. We shop around for the best deals, barter when at all possible, raise a garden and cut expenses when ever we are able.
The worst feeling in the world, aside for a family illness, is not feeling in control of your finances. Can you relate to this? As children's needs, a spouse's health or unexpected life costs get in the way, your finances can often take control of you instead of the other way around. This is why budgeting and preparing for known and unexpected situations is so important.
Empower not only yourself, but your friends & family with the help of Kmart & author of Girl, Get Your Money Straight!, Glinda Bridgforth. The Share The Word Financial Empowerment platform was created to honor the African-American legacy and provide valuable resources to enhance the lives of Kmart customers.

Kmart Share the Word photo STWStacked-01_zpsb50e2957.jpg
From family budgeting and savings advice to useful templates and money savings tips, Glinda’s guide has it all. In addition, she’ll help you make your money go further with Kmart programs such as Layaway and Shop Your Way Rewards benefits. Are you ready to take your budget by the reigns?
Are there things that you do to keep your money in check? Do you cut coupons, ride share or  have some other way that helps control what money stays in your pocket? Do you have any tips to share? Interested in having more free time? Get your family on a budget and make it happen. Down load the Kmart Shop Guide and get yourself on track to having more time for you! And if you teach your kids how to control their money and to shop wisely, they will be ahead of the money game when they get on their own. Click on the link below to check out their suggestions, help and budget guide. Spend your money wisely or it will consume your time!
Share the Word
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Water what is Important.

Do you ever hold off on a decision solely based on thinking something better might come along?  A better job offer, a better deal on a purchase at another store, only to find out it's sold out there. Oh, the position was filled while you were pondering your options. I am not one to see if the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. I commit or decline promptly and decisively. I like it that way. I am a yes/no person. You will know how I feel about something, because I say it out loud. MaryJanes has taught me a few things about the way I communicate. I am a reactionary person, she is a thinker. My sister is a thinker as well. I didn't get that trait, I have to learn it, develop it. It isn't easy for me to do this. I want my feelings know now, this second. I sometimes later regret my actions, some times I don't. I usually think of a way I could have stated my feelings in a better way, usually after a day or so. I want to have the communication qualities that my sister and daughter have in them naturally. The only thing that I won't change about the way I communicate is when a child or a pet is being miss treated. I will speak my mind loudly and clearly in these situations. Some times I get "a look" and that's ok, my gut says intervene, and that's what I will do.
 But when it comes to communication in general, I want to approach this aspect of my life with more maturity, tact and courtesy. Anyway, that's what's on my mind today. I thought it through, expressed how I feel and on with life. It's ok, I feel calmer.  
What do you think? Do you hold out to see what better opportunity might come along before you commit? Do you speak up loudly before letting your head get wrapped around the situation? 
Me, I am still growing up and finding myself. Is that odd? I am a grandmother of four, and I finally feel like I might be learning who I am. An imperfect, impulsive mess at times. Yet, I am upfront and honest about who I am and how I feel. I can't sit still in a movie if the music moves me, I enjoy too much cream with my coffee and more chocolate than the average. I cry at Hallmark commercials,  kiss dogs on the lips and make sure I am on the giving end more than on the taking. And if you ask me a favor, a question, or give me an invitation, you will get a yes or a no, right then and there.....that's me. That's the way I like it.

PS: If I ever hurt your feelings by the way I communicated to you....I am truly sorry. I am a work in progress! Some times a mess, sometimes healing, some times feeling balanced.



Gus Trends On Monday

So it's been cold in Wisconsin if you hadn't heard. Not just chilly....cold! I have short hair, genetics. My mother was a short hair breed and my father, a mid length ...so I take after my mother in that aspect. I do have my dad's long lean body and muscles legs though, lady pooches. It's hard keeping warm when you have very little hair! I am trying out a few new styles to help me brave the warmth. It doubles as a scarf and also a wig! I need to go see The Shark Tank show!  Got Monkey?         
No monkeys were harmed in this photo session!
Had I only been born with long, lush locks!
Till next Monday, Gus


Interesting or Strange?

Do you ever wonder about the lifestyles and everyday lives of other people? Do you wonder if they live a similar life as what you do? I have envisioned what I would think other bloggers lives are like solely based on the pictures they share of their lives. Have you done the same? You see beautiful dinning rooms, lavish bathrooms and pictures of how trendy their kid's clothes are, then picture that they live carefree, in their beautiful homes driving their classy Lexus cars and dinning on  steak and lobster every night. 
Via Pinterest.

 Then once in a while one of these bloggers posts something that blows me away, something heartfelt and touching. They share a glimpse into some condition, situation or stress that they have dealt with for years, or maybe something that has developed in their life that slaps them right on the forehead, like those V-8 commercials.
As it turns out, we all tread along with our own good days and not so good days. We each do things of humanity and kindness and yet we are capable of being selfish or careless with our actions. Do you understand this? Some people may appear to have more riches and luxuries, when in reality they simple have a lot more debt then most. On the flip side, the gal you see behind a fast food counter or retail shop may seem to you, lower income and struggling, when in fact she might be money savvy,enjoying yoga classes, eating organic foods and excited about what life has to offer.  
It seems like some of us look at people that are well dressed,driving new cars and think they have got it made,when in fact they may have a sick child at home and be willing to give everything up just to see their child run and laugh. 
So what got me on this topic? I will tell you. 
I made...yes made, my husband take a quiz....I love taking silly quiz's that explain if you are country chic or boho, a pit-bull or Chihuahua. You know those test...silly internet tests that we try out for fun just for laugh and amusement.  I will add a link to the quiz I had him take and the end of the post so you can try yourself. This one was on where do you belong, in terms of which state suits you the best. One of the questions was, "what is the most important quality in a mate to you?" My choice in answer was "thoughtful". I watched as my husband, Mocs looked over the options....."interesting" was his choice. I wasn't expecting that one! After we took the test, we learned that my state was Minnesota and his was Wyoming. {what's yours?} 
That was on the 14th that we learned of our soul states and I put the quiz on the back burner of my mind and went on with my day.  This morning, while still in bed making small talk with Mocs, I asked, "do you think I am interesting?" He promptly replied, "yes, strange wasn't an option!"
I laughed and responded with "Oh, so you think I am strange?!!" "yes," he said. "who else would live in a garage and paint cowboy boots?" 

Getting samples ready for our MJ&G workshop March 22nd.

Our little camper...pre-glamping...I cant wait to glamp it out to my style! And nope, I didn't go to the military, so my bed making skills lack! It's just going to get messy again!
 So there you have it, right now after purchasing South & Main and it being too cold to work on the upstairs living area, he and I live in the back garage area. We use a utility sink, a make shift kitchen and I have been using the wood burner to reheat our suppers and fry eggs on for breakfast. Our little, vintage Arrow camper is parked inside and we use that as our bedroom. The septic won't be dug till spring, we we use the plastic porta potty outside....in the snow, with 0  degrees weather and wind chills of -20 & -30 degrees. Our living are consists of 2 recliners, a love seat for the dogs, one end table, one tv with no paid channels and no cable, one extra large dog kennel for Gus when we have to run some where and dressers just outside the camper.  Could you do it? A better question, could you do this and be extremely happy? That's were I am right now and yes, extremely happy. Our dishes are packed away for the most part as we are making due with just what we need. It's fun to live this simple life, it's uncomplicated, relaxing. Once the weather is warmer, we will work on our permanent living quarters upstairs in this 1916 brick building,but for now, we are snug as a bug!
Here is the link: So which state is yours?
Click line above to take the quiz.


Red Is Love

                        Pretty little lovelies found on Pinterest.  Wear red, eat red and enjoy the day!




MJ&G Prepare For Painted Cowgirl Workshop

True Story:

MaryJane's Work In Progress Today.
For the past THREE days, MaryJanes & Galoshes have been making a complete and udder mess of MJ's kitchen table including, paint of all colors! Yep, the entire 3 days morning till supper time, painting and crafting. 
Now you might think that we do this because we have no chores to do or that we live a lavish life style with nanny's and house keepers or maybe that we are sit around watching soaps and crafting.  None of these would be true. This is our lives, how we include making a living all the while expressing the creative energy that is built up inside of each of us. MJ&G do photography together, add to that shows and events and then add South & Main in Dalton.  That wasn't enough to keep our heads spinning so we have added workshops to the list. Something we knew we would do "someday"  and made 2014 that some year!  We had talked with our friend, Kym a few years back, ok, maybe more than a few years about 
doing workshops, they were both ready to start then, but I was the one saying not yet. {soooo..Kym....we are ready!} 
Our first workshop we are offering is on March 22nd and will run from 1pm to 4pm. We will offer drinks and treats along with instruction, guidance and of coarse, humor! I know it will be a room full of creative energy and inspiration! We will be ready for sign ups for our next workshop at that time. {We have a couple of ideas brewing}
SO for now, here a some peeks into our samples 
                                   we were working on for the first workshop...

If there are some that don't have an interest in cowboy boots, there are options!

Then for those that adore the cowgirl style.....
Or maybe some where in between.... 

MJ&G also have suede boots, leather hiking style boots & kids boots painted up for samples as well. Some samples will be offered for sale after the workshop. Class members will be receiving VIP cards at this class! Want to come and join us? There are a couple spots open yet.We also have a few extra pair of boots for sale that are ready for painting!

CLASS: March 22nd 1-4 pm
$55.00 due March 1st
Bring a pair of boots, a smile and we will have the rest!
Snacks, drinks, supplies, guidance, and instruction provided.


Juggling Snowballs and Such.

If you don't live in Wisconsin, you are unaware of how it feels this morning. Those of you in Minnesota can relate to the chill this winter. My sister lives in Arkansas where this winter it is colder, snowing and icy right now. How about where you live? Has it been an usual winter for your area? Where are you and how has your winter compared to past winters in your area? 

So this winter, when it gets this cold, you have to find things to do to keep your mind off the chill. MJ&G got their day planners out to set up outings and activities to break up the season. Here is a list of things we have been up to and have in the works. {Which ones spark your interest?}


 1: Junkin. Making of day of hitting the thrift shops, markets & scanning Craigs List.{even the pet section just for fun} 
2: Trying new restaurants in the surrounding areas, Chinese, Mexican and coffee shops.
 3: Preparing for our March 22nd Painted Cowgirl Workshop that we are hosting. {yesterday and today we have been painting our example boots to inspire} 6 spots left.
4: Two days set for  freezer meals, one day to shop and prep work. The other day for cooking and freezing.

5: Tax prep and paying our sales tax....yuk!
6: Photo sessions.....yes outdoors! 

MaryJanes & Galoshes Photography

7: Remodeling. MaryJanes and her husband bought Galoshes and Mocs house and have been making changes to make it their own style. Painting, changing rooms to suit their families needs, as well as building a cute coffee comfort room! They also need to make the house work for 4 growing children.
MJ&G Photography

 Galoshes and Mocs finally were able to close on South & Main, in Dalton and will now be able to make further repairs and changes to suit them. Replace windows, dig a septic, as well as create a make shift living area form inside an old ag shop until the weather warms up to be able to make the upstairs their home.
8: Filling up their day planners with set dates for fun outings like, Elkhorn Flea Market, a train outing, mini sessions for MJ&G photography, preparing for destination weddings to shoot as well as extend the travel time to be able to stay longer and sight see in other states.
MaryJanes & Galoshes Photography

 9: Listing items for sale on etsy, ebay and local face book swaps. groups.
10: Creating: You should see all the art MJ has created! Textured, paper, wood,painting,drawing, sewing and on and on......


 11: Galoshes & Mocs, living in the back of an ag shop with a wood stove and an outdoor porta potty.....hillbilly style!
12: Making sure we stay in touch with friends, social networking and get to-gathers.
13: Preparing for a March 15th craft and vendor show at The Pine Playhouse.
14: Lining up talented peddlers for the Fun, Funky, Festive Flea & Farmer's market May 10th.

There is a few of the things we are juggling right now, add to it, MJ's four children, our dogs, cats, fish and family. 

MaryJanes Youngest.
 So, any of the above spark your interest? I would be happy to share information on any of the above life events with you!