Distressed Vintage Wallpaper and Old Buildings

Found this beauty on Pinterest.
After over a year of sorting out a deed problem and having 2 previous closing dates come and go, we finally closed on South & Main, in Dalton. Its been hard not to jump right into making the changes that we wanted to prior to signing papers. We painted and sealed up cracks, along with cost effective changes, but nothing that we would regret investing in, had the closing fell through. Did you ever have a dream of having your own shop or boutique? An old, historic brick building with a huge window front and lots a character that you could set up?! I invite you to join along as we turn this previous ag shop into an industrial inspired vintage shop nestled right along side several Amish communities. 
Our plans: replace the huge windows in front with double paned windows and install vintage, metal awnings inside in front of them, like this ----------->
Found on Pinterest
We don't have that long of awnings, but we have several mid sized ones to use. {hoarded away for several years just for this purpose} 

If I remember right, they are white with blue strips or vise verse. We will make the front area retail for antiques, vintage as well as a few lines that we trust and use, like Kromer caps & Clic reader glasses. I am currently shopping around for a couple other suppliers that carry inventory that will work in with my vision. Mocs and I also like to Re-Purpose odd objects and I have a long list of "to-dos" We have sectioned off a creative room in the front "where the magic will happen" as MaryJanes expresses.
I love the magazine Where Women Create, and inspire to nest something on those lines for that area.
Pinterest find
We always have a huge selection of vintage grain sacks, old bibles and books as well as heavy, old gears. I adore old suitcases and cement garden objects as well.  The back area of South & Main is for repair, and a sort of mancave! Right now we are living in our vintage glamper camper and make shift living which means, wood burner and a couple of recliners. We are making due in a cozy small area until we make changes to the upstairs which will become our home. This is where the vintage wall paper comes into play. The upstairs is wall to wall.....yep.....vintage wall paper dresses the walls. Some is distress, some is completely fine. I will save every little savable piece that I can and live with it! 

I LOVE IT! It makes me smile and dance! The floors are all slat wood which only makes me happier! I can't wait to share this project with you! We just need warmer weather to begin! {No heat upstairs yet} Here's a couple sneak peeks of what we will be working with upstairs in our future living area. I would love to share this experience with you and hear your ideas!

I hope you will consider sharing your thoughts and ideas, especially if you have always dreamed of doing like South & Main. You can team up with me and inspire me with your creative ideas and energy!  Visit us and give us a LIKE on facebook to hear more. Thanks for visiting! 
Hey, if you are in Wisconsin, check out our Fun, Funky, Festive Flea & Farmers Market held on May 10th, 2014. 




Fruit Salad With Gus

Some dogs love fruits and veggies....Gus would be one of them. This makes balancing a little fruit salad rewarding to him as he gets the treat after he poses.This is Gus at 8 months old this past summer.

The older dog that Gus is using for  bed is not a fruit and veggie eater. She has been tolerating Gus, and sometimes even shows the puppy in her when Gus wants to play. Below is shortly after Gus was brought home, I love that puppy stage! The bonding and snuggling and the puppy learning that you are the new parent. Over the past couple of days I have been down and out with an aweful head cold, and I love that Gus can sense that I need down time and he is content to sleep in with me without complaining. A dog is the best medicine when you don't feel well! I have a friend, Laura that just discovered that her allergies to her dogs might be the culprit to her migraines. I can't imagine getting that news. Dogs are a part of who I am as a person, I think I wouldn't be me without a dog or two or three in my life! Do you feel the same? Is a dog like air and water to you?  ~ Galoshes


Try Something SWEET In Your Garden This Spring


 This spring I really want to plant a nice garden with my husband, Mocs. Each year we talk about it, plan it, but life gets busy and we over look planting. We have had nice gardens in the past, when life was a little slower and it was always so nice to walk out to the back yard and harvest fresh produce for meals. We not only love the enjoyment of gardening and the relaxing way it makes us feel, but the fact that our food has not been sprayed with chemicals, and is fresh. Add to that, cost effective on the grocery bill! 

Once again, I have the thought process of making a big garden as soon as this Wisconsin winter lets up. The Amish in this area are starting to plant Stevia which has sparked Mocs and I curiosities. 
This is what a local Amish woman had to say about last years experiment with planing it:

"I really liked it and here are some reasons why.It was easy, I planted it, it grew and when ever I wanted to can fruit,anything from rhubarb to apple sauce, it was ready to use". "its saved us money as a few plants go a long way and as you know, sugar is expensive"."I like the idea of feeding healthy food to my family. Fruit is healthy, but I hate adding refined sugar". She mentioned that the stevia leaves are 10 times sweeter than sugar and almost calorie free. She also added that it does not promote tooth decay, and doesn't raise blood sugar levels. She and her family use it brewed as a tea, syrup when canning fruit. She plans on experimenting with baking with it this year.
Stevia Plant
Help In Growing Stevia:
1. Plant outside after the danger of any frost.
2. Place in an area if 6 - 8 hours of sun.
3. Mulch with compost or bark up to 3" deep & 2' in diameter. Allow an open collar about 2" wide around the small plant to begin,
4. Allow and keep
plants well irrigated.
5. Harvest small amounts often or trim plnt to about 2" above the ground early summer and again late summer or early fall just before it flowers.
6. Bring plants in when cold and place under 14 hours of fluorescent lighting which are 3" above the plants or treat them as an annual.

Suggestions For Using Fresh Stevia:
1. Add several leaves to a cup of hot liquid.
Approximately 3 tablespoons chopped fresh Stevia = 1 cup of Sugar or 1 teaspoon processed Stevia extract powder.
2. Make a fresh whole leaf extract:
Bring water to a boil then turn off.
Fill tea ball with leaves, pack in.
Steep leaves in water for 30 minutes.
Add this liquid to foods where you don't want the green appearance

Tips for Using Dried Stevia:
1. Dry in a warm, dark dry area.
2. Grind dried leaves to a fine powder with a small spice grinder.
3. Store in an airtight container out of  any light.
4. Approximately 1 tablespoon of dried Stevia powder = 1cup of sugar or 1 teaspoon processed Stevia extract powder.

Sweetness of leaves do vary, so quantities of dried Stevia powder needed might vary.  Experiment with Stevia in different amounts and in different foods. Don't think  of it as just a substitute sugar. It's sweet, unique flavor adds an earthiness to other spice blends as well.

 Your garden doesn't have to be flat and rectangular! Use the spaces that you have available. Make a container garden or use brinks or pallets to build up! You can use buckets, pots, boxes and work with nooks and crannies if you have a small yard. Do you already plant stevia plant? How is it going for you? Does it store well for you?

Some photos via Pinterest.

 Make your garden a little get away, breath it in an relax!



Chicago Road Trip


          MJ&G along with a friend, took a road trip to Chicago. The three interior pictures are looking out over the balcony out of our room door.
Newly remodeled  Holiday Inn

Our plan.....Check in to the Holiday Inn, unwind from the ride then get a good night sleep. In the morning we went for breakfast, we each picked our own.
Ok, I made the worst selection of the three of us! The other two,they made healthy selections! {boring}

Then off to look at The Market

Boutique Home Displays beautifully!
                           I wanted to take home their displays!

I loved seeing all of the bright colors too! Is spring here yet?

I made MaryJanes Try on clips, hats and bling.

After browsing we placed a few orders from our favorite vendors and then off to check out IKEA! fun fun fun!!!!


Morning Outing Part II

 The other day I wrote a part I on a day outing with MaryJanes and friend, Teresa. From the Vintage Market we headed to The Oak Street Antique Shop. We each browsed to find vintage items that called to us. I snapped a couple of pictures of things that caught my eye.

 Before we left the shop I told MJ and Teresa to each pick out a surprise package...I love them!!! I have always loved grab bags and the hunt to find just the right back or package had might hold the prefect treasure! We each took turns and selected the package that called to us. MJ picked one that was $2.00 and had a wrapping paper that appealed to her. {Newspaper I believe} I picked out a $2.00 package as well, it was wrapped in Mr & Mrs paper. Teresa, well she had me spring for a $5.00 package...lol. A big, heavy bag all taped shut. We walked to The Alpine Cafe with packages in tow. We sat at our booth waiting for lunch and opened our grab bags. We laughed and had a blast digging through the paper wrapping. Truth be told, the $5.00 bag won hands down!

From there we walked to a cute coffee shop. MaryJanes found some fancy topping for her frothy coffee maker....she had a smile on her face! Now she and her oldest daughter can experiment with it! Before heading for home we stopped at a hardware store and each filled up a cart of project items....gotta love a hardware store! We had a great time, don't you love day outings!? Oh, and no puppies came home with us....next trip??
Coffee shops are always a reason to stop!                  


Winner Winner Chocolate Dinner!

It's cold here in Wisconsin once again.....I am dreaming of spring! I posted the wining number and name in the comments of the entry post, but thought I had better post it here as well so that the winner has a better chance of seeing it. I removed the duplicates and my comment and used Random Number Generator. 

So Congratulations April.  I will package your Valentine Day Surprise up and wait for your reply to get shipping information. Please contact me via the home page under CONTACT ME. Don't leave your info in the comments!  I will snap a picture of your goodies before I package them up. 

Today I am packaging some gemstone bee broaches onto vintage bee prints to offer at South & Main, in Dalton. Run over to MaryJanes and catch up on The Bachelor! {Are you watching?}Tonight I head out with MaryJanes, she will drop  me off at Target while she goes and has her hair cut. Then after she picks me up we will go have dinners with a friend, Laura. {I don't know where we are going, but knowing MaryJanes, it will be nice! {Chinese maybe?}
Have a great day!
~ Galoshes


Weekly Edition Added ~ GUS

MaryJanes mentioned to me that my pup, Gus needs his own portion of the MJ&G blog.


      So today will be the beginning of ....

              "Monday's With Gus"

Gus and I are funny together, ok, so I'm weird and I MAKE Gus play along. 

 That is Gus, the one above, in the middle. That is the picture MaryJanes found that made me fall in love! 

He is half English Setter, this is his dad, a full English Setter.

 He is one quarter American Bulldog and one quarter Labrador Retriever. His mother below, is half American Bulldog and half Labrador.

I was able to get the pick of the litter, and Gus was the only yellow and white pup in the litter of 12. The other pups were white with small setter spots developing. It would have been so easy to take two pups home from this group! {I want to mention, American Bulldog is not a pittbull dog! Pitbulls are in the terrier family.}

So with the combination of these three breeds, I am expecting him to become a family pet, loyal and enjoy hunting birds and ducks with my husband, Mike. {Mocs}

Gus just turned a year old and he is so funny and I am sure you will be amused by his antics. My 3 cousins along with MaryJanes and myself use Whats-App to stay in contact with each other. I send pictures of Gus to them. The pictures usually involve him balancing something odd on his head. They have told me he needs his own calendar.

Welcome to "Mondays With Gus". I hope you find humor in these posts and know that whatever you see.....Gus is adored, spoiled, loved and lives a better life than most! So even if you see a strawberry balanced on his nose, he is all for playing my games and is eager to try things! 



~ Galoshes & Gus ~


Final DayTo Enter The Sweet Valetine Giveaway!

Happy Sunday,
Today the  Sweet Valentine  Day Giveaway will end! MJ&G will Random Drawer to generate a winning comment. It is soooo easy, just leave a comment on what you would adore to receive on Valentines Day. What would make you heart pitter patter? Easy Peasy! 
 Click on the the link above! Enter your comment to enter. I will end the giveaway at 9pm tonight. SUNDAY 1/19/2014

I will then generate a winning comment and package your sweet goods up and get your Valentines package in the mail to you! I will post the winner, then contact the winner privately to get your shipping information. Best of luck to you! 

MJ&G are off to a photo session today..what are you up to?


Tour A Charming ~ Beach ~ Boho Style House

Meet Dawn, "We Hart Junk"
She had no idea I was bringing my camera with me when she asked me for lunch today....

Dawn's house is so cute that I just had to!  Follow along as I take you through Dawn's house and show you that you can be married to a minimalist and still decorate with your eclectic, sweet JUNK! 
Meet Dawn, new owner of  WE HART JUNK.
Dawn and I have known each other for about 25 years and I have admired her sassy, funny charm right from the get go. She as close to a mini-me as you can getLike me, she loves junk. Her husband....well, he likes order and no clutter. It's hard to love to collect old stuff when the one you love likes to keep things simple! Junkers like us, like to surround ourselves with our objects. Dawn has come up with clever decorating ideas to make everyone happy. She displays her treasures yet keeps the decor simple.

I hadn't seen her in several years and one day when I was working inside South & Main, in Dalton she walked up to the front window with her little girl. I wasn't sure who was out there, but I opened the door and motioned them to come in. As soon as she looked up I knew it was Dawn..I smiled in recognition welcomed her inside. Funny how people re-enter your life just when you each need each other! That's how Dawn and I feel about each other, and I can type that out without even asking her that, as I know that's how she feels as well! {right Dawn!?} From there I invited her to turn her love for junk into a space at South & Main's 2nd sale which was held in December 2013.

  She and her minimalist husband got right to work and came up with ideas and re-purposed junk, metal and wood into incredible pieces of home decor. They worked together and made several trips in to South & Main to set up their first peddlers space. They rocked it! Their ideas were fresh and new! Creations that had not been done before or seen on Pinterest!
Like this old hinge turned into  magnetic stand! {you can find a few for sale at her new etsy shop, "We Hart Junk" . 
$10.00 what a deal!  
Dawn will package your purchases up quickly and takes pride her in her new shop! I hope you click on the link above and have a look around! 
Lets get back to the tour of her beachy blue and white style home.......

I adore her use of out of the box ideas for storage and containers! Baskets, bins,baskets and hanger hooks made from old, wood trim pieces. You won't find the over use of department storage containers used in her charming house. Her furniture has been furnished via auctions. I am so jealous of her white cupboards used through out her home.

If this is every missing from her house.....it will probably be my fault! And the leather chair below......COMFY!!!
Her home is so easy to feel at home inside. To me it gives a beach side, starfish and flip-flops feel. A beach house without the beach! They worked hard on floors, peeling up layers and sanding leaving them with the original thin slat wood flooring that is gorgeous!

So that's a little peek into a cute little home of one of my sweetest friends. We Hart Junk will be setting up for the May 10th South & Main Open Air Sale. Come introduce yourself to her and see her incredible creations and vintage treasures! 

                   I know you will adore her just like I do!

Dawns Words:
"I love chipped, rusty vintage items - and those are the things I have for sale in my shop! If you are looking for perfection vintage items, then this is not the store for you! If you love history, patina, rust, and "chippiness", then ~We Hart Junk~ is the perfect shop for you. When an item catches my eye, I look for the lovely chipped edges and the worn rust, and the "life" of the item, and that's what I fall in love with. I am eager to share the things I love with you!"
Oh you silly, stop your blushing!