Three Dog Night


 You probably know the group Three Dog Night, but did you know that my kin is responsible for the phrase? Yep...and living in Wisconsin, even in MARCH this phrase is used often! But my owners use the term, two do night. But thinking it over, between, the senior dog weighing in at 104lbs and me at 84lbs, we have enough body heat for three! There are conflicting ideas as to were this term originally originated from.
'Three Dog Night' is a term that is believed to have originated from either the Eskimo community or the Australian Aboriginal. It is commonly used to describe a very cold night. It's said that on very cold nights, the Eskimos would sleep with dogs in their Igloos to keep warm because the body temperature of the dogs where much higher than human body temperatures thus they would help increase the general temperature in the Igloo. So on a very cold night it was expressed. "It's a 3 dog night".


The senior and I are helpful in this aspect! We sleep in bed and under the covers. Mind you, this isn't for our own benefit...we are perfectly warm...it's our contribution to the warmth of our tall mammals. Until next Monday...keep the bed warm and the dogs happy! 

A Happy Dog Makes A Happy Home! 

As for our home......we let the dogs in bed.