Peas & Carrots.....Peas & Carrots

American Bulldog found on Pinterest.
 Did you know that when actors are in the back grounds and they are suppose to look as if they are chatting, they use the words, "peas and carrots, peas and carrots" continuously to give the impression that are engrossed in communication! Humans are funny creatures. I am Galoshes's first encounter with an American Bulldog cross breed as part of her family. This is a beautiful example of my blood lines in full, unpolluted status..

{Pinterest photo}         Yadda Yadda Yadda...ok, so he is a stud, but hey, look at those short legs, what could he jump over...right?!!

Me on the other hand....I am a dirty version of this breed...dog terms, mixed breed, mutt, mongrel. But, I do hold many traits of the American Bulldog, which means.......oh yes....it means, I have a mind of my own! I am no teacup poodle! I can think and act on my own. I know how to use my own judgement to determine whats good for me...and what, well let's just say, I can select those things which I might not want to be a part of. 
I am still a part of this dog line, so I shall do as I please.....as long as it is ok with Galoshes!  Photo via Pinterest

So what does this mean to Galoshes you might wonder??
Let me tell you.....this chic is weird!

Let me give you an example: She thinks that by playing silly games with me, and making me look like a fool...in layman's term, table place setting. She has this notion that is she teaches me discipline and self control, that I will be, let's just say, less mule like. Her favorite little work of art or structured teaching technique.....peas and carrots. 

 So you might wonder.....what is the purpose of this little game..right!? I do. Food....mouth...the mouth is for food. The mouth must open to insert the food. Thus: The food does not get into the mouth through the bridge of my nose. {Silly Galoshes!} I have no plans for acting, so the only thing I can guess is it teaches me balance and self control... FOOD YOGA. {Maybe I will write a book, Food Yoga For Dummies.}

Until next Monday......~Gus