Giving up a habit......

Ok, so I admit it, I love a good pacifier, I can't help myself. They are pretty, rubbery, chewy and they bounce. The one here was the littlest grandbaby's nook. She has since given them up and now the whole big rage is walking....you'd think the earth stopped moving...they video tape it and everything! Hey, I walk....even on two legs, who is ooeeing and auughhing over that?? This was the last nook I was able to steal and that was a few months ago. Oh How I miss my nook! Habits are not easy to give up I can sympathize with all those little babies out there that have their comforts taken away from them. What I wouldn't give for a new nook! What if someone took something of yours away...or maybe you had to choose between 2 of the things that you love....lets say you had to choose between chocolate and your smart phone....go ahead...pick one!

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