Giving up a habit......

Ok, so I admit it, I love a good pacifier, I can't help myself. They are pretty, rubbery, chewy and they bounce. The one here was the littlest grandbaby's nook. She has since given them up and now the whole big rage is walking....you'd think the earth stopped moving...they video tape it and everything! Hey, I walk....even on two legs, who is ooeeing and auughhing over that?? This was the last nook I was able to steal and that was a few months ago. Oh How I miss my nook! Habits are not easy to give up I can sympathize with all those little babies out there that have their comforts taken away from them. What I wouldn't give for a new nook! What if someone took something of yours away...or maybe you had to choose between 2 of the things that you love....lets say you had to choose between chocolate and your smart phone....go ahead...pick one!


Does this ever happen to you?

These cute babies found on Pinterest

You need dog food, so your owner runs into a place that sells the kind you need, in our case, food free of corn and wheat. The Tractor Supply Store in the next town carries what I need, plus Galoshes has a $7.00 coupon...bonus! {adding side note, chicks are wheat and corn free....right?} She sees the sign...."Baby Chicks Here" and she thinks...oh fun....let's go look and admire.
Then she sends a picture to her Whats App group of cousins and daughter....they have conflicting theories on the topic of getting chicks or baby ducks. 

 Last year when this happened to her, she brought 4 baby ducks to MaryJane's family. They had them in their living room while they were babies. How many kids get that experience? There are benefits to being slightly....well lets say Not Normal. Like her daughter, MaryJanes tells her. Today MaryJanes argument  was, "YOU ARE NOT A FARMER"!!! Now tell me, what does that have to do with the price of dog food any way?? 

Nothing right!?
Galoshes sends them pictures, and her cousin MS is so very helpful and encouraging. She understands that a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. She also brings home fluffy critters to love and take care of, purely nurturing at heart! And trust me, if you are a critter, you want to belong to one of the women in her family....they adore their pets!
So now we have 6 baby chicks which Mocs knew nothing about. I am all excited about the whole deal...confused a bit....are they food? I am half bird dog! Plus another 1/4 retriever so it stands to reason that I would ask. I was excited to see them, they are pretty cute and they smell like a farm which is all good. The senior dog has taken a liking to the chick feed, senile, I knew it!  Galoshes took a quick video of our introduction to the feathered friends. It is love at first sight!


Peas & Carrots.....Peas & Carrots

American Bulldog found on Pinterest.
 Did you know that when actors are in the back grounds and they are suppose to look as if they are chatting, they use the words, "peas and carrots, peas and carrots" continuously to give the impression that are engrossed in communication! Humans are funny creatures. I am Galoshes's first encounter with an American Bulldog cross breed as part of her family. This is a beautiful example of my blood lines in full, unpolluted status..

{Pinterest photo}         Yadda Yadda Yadda...ok, so he is a stud, but hey, look at those short legs, what could he jump over...right?!!

Me on the other hand....I am a dirty version of this breed...dog terms, mixed breed, mutt, mongrel. But, I do hold many traits of the American Bulldog, which means.......oh yes....it means, I have a mind of my own! I am no teacup poodle! I can think and act on my own. I know how to use my own judgement to determine whats good for me...and what, well let's just say, I can select those things which I might not want to be a part of. 
I am still a part of this dog line, so I shall do as I please.....as long as it is ok with Galoshes!  Photo via Pinterest

So what does this mean to Galoshes you might wonder??
Let me tell you.....this chic is weird!

Let me give you an example: She thinks that by playing silly games with me, and making me look like a fool...in layman's term, table place setting. She has this notion that is she teaches me discipline and self control, that I will be, let's just say, less mule like. Her favorite little work of art or structured teaching technique.....peas and carrots. 

 So you might wonder.....what is the purpose of this little game..right!? I do. Food....mouth...the mouth is for food. The mouth must open to insert the food. Thus: The food does not get into the mouth through the bridge of my nose. {Silly Galoshes!} I have no plans for acting, so the only thing I can guess is it teaches me balance and self control... FOOD YOGA. {Maybe I will write a book, Food Yoga For Dummies.}

Until next Monday......~Gus


WINNER WINNER Freezer Dinner!

Pinterest Image
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Freezer Meal Day....Check!

So you have seen freezer meals pinned on Pinterest....right!?? Maybe you even have a freezer meal or crock pot board that you think about each time you wonder what to make for supper....correct? Maybe you think you are too busy, too many things going on or it is just too much work. Let me lay it out for you....
I will just use MaryJanes as the example, and not even mention my list of March events. 
MaryJane's March:
Husband: Works full time.
1st Grader
Two 4K twins : half days at school....and seems like they have a LOT of days off for school meetings!!! A Lot!
A 10 month old toddler.
A big indoor dog, two outside cats.
Remodeling house.
Preparing to Remodel photography studio { a one room school house}
Photographer: 2nd shot a wedding, 2 photo sessions, edit last months sessions. 
Help a friend decorate her new house 1/2 day.
Go to a thank you dinner of that friend's.
Meet a friend for drinks and dinner.
Prepare for The Pine Play House Sale March 15. Booth rented so must create art work.
Plan and prepare for March 22nd MJ&G workshop Painted Cowgirl.
Attend a wedding of a friends.
Set up child care for upcoming destination weddings.
Prepare for a Do It Center Event where she is a featured guest exhibitor next Thursday, drop off marketing packages for the customer bags. 
Taking an online art coarse.
Prepare for a booth for April 15th.
Watch The Bachelor Monday nights with Galoshes.
Run her MJ&G photography business, return calls, emails,blog, promote and work on taxes. 
School conferences.
Whats App with four cousins and Galoshes through out each day.
Make meals, laundry, keep house as clean as you can with a family of six. Keep sanity and runny noses wiped and diapers changed. 
Now, these are the things that I am aware of off the top of my head. I don't see her day planner, so I know I am missing things.
The point being, if you plan for a freezer meal day, it will take printing out a list and plans, shopping trip, and a full day of cooking. Once it is done, you are SET up for several meals!!! So at 4:30 or so, you take a meal out of the freezer, remove the cover, pop in the oven, presto....DONE! You end up with more time each day after this!!! The day of the freezer meal making, you create a lot of trash and recycles, but then each night after that, you wont be creating much! {If you are like me, I hate when that piles up each day!}
So there you have it, only the things that I am aware of on MaryJane's list of to-dos for March. So how did we do it? Well, at the beginning of the year we whats app'd back and fourth with day planners in hand to set up things we wanted to  make sure were penciled in, to avoid photo session dates. Freezer meals was set for the eve of Monday the 3rd to grocery shop. March 4th morning till supper time, cook.  Our plan was to do our freezer meal day at her house and I would go into town and pick up Chinese take out for lunch. The twins did not have school Tuesday, so the days plan, two five year olds, and a 10 month old and the big dog would all need to be taken care of ....kept alive..... and not stepped on for the day! 
Put the girl to work...she loves being MaryJane's shadow. {Yes, instruction was given about hot stove and not touching!}}

Confine the toddler to highchair, pack n play and jumper. {give hugs and affection as time permits}

Allow the techno boy unlimited time on I pad as long as he stayed out from under foot} Dog was shooed out often!

That was our plan, and since it was going to be at MaryJane's I had to haul my ingredients over there..trudge through the snow and haul it inside.

We purchased disposable tin containers & freezer bags. The meats we used for all meals were chicken, hamburger and I mixed in venison with mine. We each had the same shopping list, and we bought the same things for the most part.  A couple of items we bought individually to split with each other.  MaryJanes started before I arrive and had her hamburger browned and chicken cooking, I used the same pans, so this worked well in timing for use. I brought along another big pot to start the rice cooking ahead of time. So how did the house smell?? Like a 1950's home on a Sunday chicken dinner day! While we were in idle cooking time, we each made up cookies and brownies to freeze. 
Taylor made Neiman Marcus cookies and used half coconut flour which smelled wonderful!

I tried snitching cookie dough and she yelled at me, "Get out of the dough!" I used a hearing impairment line on that demand. Then she wouldn't barter with me, some of her cookies for some of my brownies. Seriously, she wouldn't, said she didn't want any of my brownies! I think it was rebellion for me snitching dough. Or she was just being a bitch! :smile: could be. When I ran to get lunch, she did shred my chicken breasts though, so I think she just loved those cookies more than my box brownies. dang! Later when I got home, I whats app'd her to tell her that the brownies were ooeee and goooee and warm...not like her frozen cookie dough that she didn't bake...HA! 

Child labor!

 So what did we make and how long did it take?
8 hours in the kitchen, and hour to shop and 1/2 hour to find the right shopping list and get our thoughts in action. Here is what we ended up with:
Meat Marinara Sauce for spaghetti
Extra smaller bags filled for future chili hot dogs.
Cheeseburger Casserole
Broccoli Cheddar Chicken Pasta bake. 
Tex, Mex Chicken casserole
Thanksgiving style casserole
Brownies and Chocolate Granola Bars. 
MaryJanes had to plug in their small chest freezer to hold everything.
Myself, I packed my freezer, left three meals out for this week, filled a huge rubbermaid which was put outside to freeze as our chest freezer isn't moved here yet. {hillbilly freezer for now!}
You might wonder how many meals we actually have now, well i know that neither of us will have to make anything for a month! each meal was at least 4 containers full, plus extras put into gallon and quart size bags. I think Mocs and I are set for at least 2 months, maybe more. MaryJanes has a crew of 6, so more like a month for them. On a side note, we spent the day together, cooking, baking and chatting. The kids were home in a warm environment seeing meals prepared and helping....to me that is priceless!  
See those rolled foils on top...yep, that's cookie dough. One might go missing some time when I watch the kids!

I will no doubt share some bars with her family....even though she wouldn't!
There is it, meals done and I can tell you that today before lunch time, I though....LUNCH.....CHECK! 
Do your self a favor, plan a freezer meal cooking day, you will thank your self every night there after!



Three Dog Night


 You probably know the group Three Dog Night, but did you know that my kin is responsible for the phrase? Yep...and living in Wisconsin, even in MARCH this phrase is used often! But my owners use the term, two do night. But thinking it over, between, the senior dog weighing in at 104lbs and me at 84lbs, we have enough body heat for three! There are conflicting ideas as to were this term originally originated from.
'Three Dog Night' is a term that is believed to have originated from either the Eskimo community or the Australian Aboriginal. It is commonly used to describe a very cold night. It's said that on very cold nights, the Eskimos would sleep with dogs in their Igloos to keep warm because the body temperature of the dogs where much higher than human body temperatures thus they would help increase the general temperature in the Igloo. So on a very cold night it was expressed. "It's a 3 dog night".


The senior and I are helpful in this aspect! We sleep in bed and under the covers. Mind you, this isn't for our own benefit...we are perfectly warm...it's our contribution to the warmth of our tall mammals. Until next Monday...keep the bed warm and the dogs happy! 

A Happy Dog Makes A Happy Home! 

As for our home......we let the dogs in bed. 



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