The Ups & Downs

Let's play interior decorator/ artist / design cordinator. You won't be paid for your co operation, but you might have a little fun and be a part of giving an 1916 building a new look! I welcome your comments for ideas for a long, wood stairway that leads from the retail area of South & Main to what will be the residential upper level.  I want to do something fun with the staircase as it has tall walls on both sides which need to be brought to life! This will be the entrance to our home, and I want to to say, "Hey, Hello friend,come in,twirl and laugh as we sip tea with a splash of cream"

The current look is large cinder blocks to the left and wains-coat slatted wood to the right. Then flat cement half way up on both sides. The stairs are wood and there are probably 13-15 of them. It's inclosed, and though it has a high ceiling, it appears narrow and darker than I would like. It's really not all that narrow, but it feels that way. Let's breath some new life into it!
Here some Pinterest inspiration of ideas that I kinda like. 

 If I could, this is what I would do......

 So what do you think....any of them call to you?



  1. love the grain sac look, but I also like the rusty old mismatched numbers thing I have seen, or a quote would be neat.

    1. Yes, That grainsack one!! And I always have old grain sacks available for sale, so might be a perfect fit!