Monday's With Gus...By Gus

MaryJanes thought Monday's with Gus should be more on Gus's perspective. I agree, he is so funny....

"It's about time"! " 
After-all this is about ME....right??!!

That's me above, the one devouring the feline. The fur leaves an awful taste in your mouth! 
Oh, come on, I wouldn't eat Fatsso, I love him. If anything, I'd have the taste buds for the albino!

So there I am, at my old house, on my old bed with my old pals. Now Iam in the RETIREMENT HOME!!! OMG, the man, Mocs, he watches old shows,,,,we are talking black and whites! 
{ON FREE NETWORK!} It's 2014 and they don't have Direct TV?? They don't BUNDLE?? 

Yes, those are Bib overall! See........retirement!

And now it's just me and the K9 senior citizen.....deaf and blind and no sense of whats fun is!! Before I had 4 kids to play with, two cats, and three other dogs! Oh and did I mention acres of land to run!? So here I am in Dalton, Wisconsin.....unincorporated. BORING! 

 What will I do to fill me time? So now I am a writer...hhmm, I am one year old and the attention span of a 7 year old and they want me to win the Pulitzer's prize?   Well....if I am going to be stuck here in no where USA, lets have a bit of fun,......hey!? What kind of trouble could I possibly stir???? Till next Monday...Chow.

Hearts and licks and all that , GUS


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