MJ&G Prepare For Painted Cowgirl Workshop

True Story:

MaryJane's Work In Progress Today.
For the past THREE days, MaryJanes & Galoshes have been making a complete and udder mess of MJ's kitchen table including, paint of all colors! Yep, the entire 3 days morning till supper time, painting and crafting. 
Now you might think that we do this because we have no chores to do or that we live a lavish life style with nanny's and house keepers or maybe that we are sit around watching soaps and crafting.  None of these would be true. This is our lives, how we include making a living all the while expressing the creative energy that is built up inside of each of us. MJ&G do photography together, add to that shows and events and then add South & Main in Dalton.  That wasn't enough to keep our heads spinning so we have added workshops to the list. Something we knew we would do "someday"  and made 2014 that some year!  We had talked with our friend, Kym a few years back, ok, maybe more than a few years about 
doing workshops, they were both ready to start then, but I was the one saying not yet. {soooo..Kym....we are ready!} 
Our first workshop we are offering is on March 22nd and will run from 1pm to 4pm. We will offer drinks and treats along with instruction, guidance and of coarse, humor! I know it will be a room full of creative energy and inspiration! We will be ready for sign ups for our next workshop at that time. {We have a couple of ideas brewing}
SO for now, here a some peeks into our samples 
                                   we were working on for the first workshop...

If there are some that don't have an interest in cowboy boots, there are options!

Then for those that adore the cowgirl style.....
Or maybe some where in between.... 

MJ&G also have suede boots, leather hiking style boots & kids boots painted up for samples as well. Some samples will be offered for sale after the workshop. Class members will be receiving VIP cards at this class! Want to come and join us? There are a couple spots open yet.We also have a few extra pair of boots for sale that are ready for painting!

CLASS: March 22nd 1-4 pm
$55.00 due March 1st
Bring a pair of boots, a smile and we will have the rest!
Snacks, drinks, supplies, guidance, and instruction provided.


  1. Hi, Just wanted to make sure you got my email address. I left it on the other post with our previous conversation but never heard from you so thought I had better check in. It's railrider9408@sbcglobal.net Thanks, Karen