Juggling Snowballs and Such.

If you don't live in Wisconsin, you are unaware of how it feels this morning. Those of you in Minnesota can relate to the chill this winter. My sister lives in Arkansas where this winter it is colder, snowing and icy right now. How about where you live? Has it been an usual winter for your area? Where are you and how has your winter compared to past winters in your area? 

So this winter, when it gets this cold, you have to find things to do to keep your mind off the chill. MJ&G got their day planners out to set up outings and activities to break up the season. Here is a list of things we have been up to and have in the works. {Which ones spark your interest?}


 1: Junkin. Making of day of hitting the thrift shops, markets & scanning Craigs List.{even the pet section just for fun} 
2: Trying new restaurants in the surrounding areas, Chinese, Mexican and coffee shops.
 3: Preparing for our March 22nd Painted Cowgirl Workshop that we are hosting. {yesterday and today we have been painting our example boots to inspire} 6 spots left.
4: Two days set for  freezer meals, one day to shop and prep work. The other day for cooking and freezing.

5: Tax prep and paying our sales tax....yuk!
6: Photo sessions.....yes outdoors! 

MaryJanes & Galoshes Photography

7: Remodeling. MaryJanes and her husband bought Galoshes and Mocs house and have been making changes to make it their own style. Painting, changing rooms to suit their families needs, as well as building a cute coffee comfort room! They also need to make the house work for 4 growing children.
MJ&G Photography

 Galoshes and Mocs finally were able to close on South & Main, in Dalton and will now be able to make further repairs and changes to suit them. Replace windows, dig a septic, as well as create a make shift living area form inside an old ag shop until the weather warms up to be able to make the upstairs their home.
8: Filling up their day planners with set dates for fun outings like, Elkhorn Flea Market, a train outing, mini sessions for MJ&G photography, preparing for destination weddings to shoot as well as extend the travel time to be able to stay longer and sight see in other states.
MaryJanes & Galoshes Photography

 9: Listing items for sale on etsy, ebay and local face book swaps. groups.
10: Creating: You should see all the art MJ has created! Textured, paper, wood,painting,drawing, sewing and on and on......


 11: Galoshes & Mocs, living in the back of an ag shop with a wood stove and an outdoor porta potty.....hillbilly style!
12: Making sure we stay in touch with friends, social networking and get to-gathers.
13: Preparing for a March 15th craft and vendor show at The Pine Playhouse.
14: Lining up talented peddlers for the Fun, Funky, Festive Flea & Farmer's market May 10th.

There is a few of the things we are juggling right now, add to it, MJ's four children, our dogs, cats, fish and family. 

MaryJanes Youngest.
 So, any of the above spark your interest? I would be happy to share information on any of the above life events with you!