Interesting or Strange?

Do you ever wonder about the lifestyles and everyday lives of other people? Do you wonder if they live a similar life as what you do? I have envisioned what I would think other bloggers lives are like solely based on the pictures they share of their lives. Have you done the same? You see beautiful dinning rooms, lavish bathrooms and pictures of how trendy their kid's clothes are, then picture that they live carefree, in their beautiful homes driving their classy Lexus cars and dinning on  steak and lobster every night. 
Via Pinterest.

 Then once in a while one of these bloggers posts something that blows me away, something heartfelt and touching. They share a glimpse into some condition, situation or stress that they have dealt with for years, or maybe something that has developed in their life that slaps them right on the forehead, like those V-8 commercials.
As it turns out, we all tread along with our own good days and not so good days. We each do things of humanity and kindness and yet we are capable of being selfish or careless with our actions. Do you understand this? Some people may appear to have more riches and luxuries, when in reality they simple have a lot more debt then most. On the flip side, the gal you see behind a fast food counter or retail shop may seem to you, lower income and struggling, when in fact she might be money savvy,enjoying yoga classes, eating organic foods and excited about what life has to offer.  
It seems like some of us look at people that are well dressed,driving new cars and think they have got it made,when in fact they may have a sick child at home and be willing to give everything up just to see their child run and laugh. 
So what got me on this topic? I will tell you. 
I made...yes made, my husband take a quiz....I love taking silly quiz's that explain if you are country chic or boho, a pit-bull or Chihuahua. You know those test...silly internet tests that we try out for fun just for laugh and amusement.  I will add a link to the quiz I had him take and the end of the post so you can try yourself. This one was on where do you belong, in terms of which state suits you the best. One of the questions was, "what is the most important quality in a mate to you?" My choice in answer was "thoughtful". I watched as my husband, Mocs looked over the options....."interesting" was his choice. I wasn't expecting that one! After we took the test, we learned that my state was Minnesota and his was Wyoming. {what's yours?} 
That was on the 14th that we learned of our soul states and I put the quiz on the back burner of my mind and went on with my day.  This morning, while still in bed making small talk with Mocs, I asked, "do you think I am interesting?" He promptly replied, "yes, strange wasn't an option!"
I laughed and responded with "Oh, so you think I am strange?!!" "yes," he said. "who else would live in a garage and paint cowboy boots?" 

Getting samples ready for our MJ&G workshop March 22nd.

Our little camper...pre-glamping...I cant wait to glamp it out to my style! And nope, I didn't go to the military, so my bed making skills lack! It's just going to get messy again!
 So there you have it, right now after purchasing South & Main and it being too cold to work on the upstairs living area, he and I live in the back garage area. We use a utility sink, a make shift kitchen and I have been using the wood burner to reheat our suppers and fry eggs on for breakfast. Our little, vintage Arrow camper is parked inside and we use that as our bedroom. The septic won't be dug till spring, we we use the plastic porta potty outside....in the snow, with 0  degrees weather and wind chills of -20 & -30 degrees. Our living are consists of 2 recliners, a love seat for the dogs, one end table, one tv with no paid channels and no cable, one extra large dog kennel for Gus when we have to run some where and dressers just outside the camper.  Could you do it? A better question, could you do this and be extremely happy? That's were I am right now and yes, extremely happy. Our dishes are packed away for the most part as we are making due with just what we need. It's fun to live this simple life, it's uncomplicated, relaxing. Once the weather is warmer, we will work on our permanent living quarters upstairs in this 1916 brick building,but for now, we are snug as a bug!
Here is the link: So which state is yours?
Click line above to take the quiz.


  1. I so appreciate your honesty...and yes, I could be happy.....actually was happy in somewhat similar surroundings. We camped in our 1857 farmhouse for about 9 months when we began the restoration. No running water, no stove or fridge, although we did have heat. We had an old couch & twin bed to sleep on. Granted, we did go to our other home about 3 hours away during the week.......but I cried to leave our farm every Sunday.

    Good for you, life without challenge is, well, kind of dull. As I said to my Dave when we stumbled upon our then vacant, uninhabitable farm, "jump off this cliff with me". We have never looked back.


    1. You are I are JUMPers!!! Now look at your farm.....ooohhh la la!! Hard work and a dream! Hugs Kari!

  2. How AWESOME!!! I'd already taken the test and my state was Kansas. My hubs and I lived in a hotel room for 4 mons this past summer waiting for our plans to clear for the future, so YEAH, I know exactly what you mean, except you didn't have to deal with the craziness that goes with "hotel life"! LOL!

    1. ooohhhh Lori Howard do tell more!! We'd love to hear crazy hotel stories!!

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