Wow Nasty Ads!

Recently Taylor {MaryJanes} Handed over the MJ&G blog to me, {Galoshes}. So I have alot to learn! And I don't like to read manuals unlike Taylor. {She's kinda a techno geek!} 
Anyway, I had a report that there was this nasty animated ad showing up on here....Yuk! I want this to be family friendly, not scanky.  {is that a word?} Spell check doesn't like it, but you know what I mean. Rude...naughty...bad girl.

So if you saw this ad  I AM SOOOO Sorry! Its gone now, I shut the ads down and will learn how to block those types of ads! 
The Giveaway below is still going on.....I hope you will learn a comment under the Vintage Valentine & Giveaway post for your chance to win a sweet surprise that will arrive in your mail box just before February 14th!

Link: http://www.maryjanesandgaloshes.com/2014/01/vintage-valentine-giveaway.html



  1. In reference to "nasty ads", Thanks! I wish more blogs would do the same.

  2. bravo! way to keep your sight pure, because i love you girls. and good luck with holding the reins.