Wisconsin Cold Snap!

Do you live outside of this cold spell that we are having in Wisconsin? 

Our plan was to bunker down and not travel....that was until the phone rang. It was Mike's brother calling to say that his car and his mom's car would not start.Welcome to Wisconsin and -40 to -50 degree wind chills. So Mike packed up heaters, extension cords, cardboard and tools to go get them started so that my brother in law can make it to work in the morning. And so what happens if my husband breaks down or has car trouble in route? He will fix it, get back on the road and go help family. That's my husband, handy, helpful and self sacrificing. But there is a flip side, it's dang cold, deadly cold and so I worry. I worry about him on the road, outside working on his brothers car out in the elements and then think about the animals out there. Ahhh, it makes me crazy. Our two dogs are enjoying the comfort of a wood burner, couch and blankets. They have no clue to how bad off some pets might have it now. I wish everyone had compassion to make sure outdoor animals were given a safe haven and warmth this winter. 
The winter is pretty and the frost on the windows has a romance to it, but it is nasty outside and it only takes a few minutes to get yourself into trouble with the temps! Schools are closed, some business closings, all because of Mother Nature's attitude!

Keep yourself and your pets warm! 


  1. I can only imagine that kind of cold, and be thankful that I live in south Texas!

    1. Lorilee,
      It's so cold that when I let one of my dogs out to go pee..... he cried in less than 2 minutes from foot freeze. Cars dont start, andthe heating costs sky rocket! Enjoy your warmth!