Winner Winner Chocolate Dinner!

It's cold here in Wisconsin once again.....I am dreaming of spring! I posted the wining number and name in the comments of the entry post, but thought I had better post it here as well so that the winner has a better chance of seeing it. I removed the duplicates and my comment and used Random Number Generator. 

So Congratulations April.  I will package your Valentine Day Surprise up and wait for your reply to get shipping information. Please contact me via the home page under CONTACT ME. Don't leave your info in the comments!  I will snap a picture of your goodies before I package them up. 

Today I am packaging some gemstone bee broaches onto vintage bee prints to offer at South & Main, in Dalton. Run over to MaryJanes and catch up on The Bachelor! {Are you watching?}Tonight I head out with MaryJanes, she will drop  me off at Target while she goes and has her hair cut. Then after she picks me up we will go have dinners with a friend, Laura. {I don't know where we are going, but knowing MaryJanes, it will be nice! {Chinese maybe?}
Have a great day!
~ Galoshes