Weekly Edition Added ~ GUS

MaryJanes mentioned to me that my pup, Gus needs his own portion of the MJ&G blog.


      So today will be the beginning of ....

              "Monday's With Gus"

Gus and I are funny together, ok, so I'm weird and I MAKE Gus play along. 

 That is Gus, the one above, in the middle. That is the picture MaryJanes found that made me fall in love! 

He is half English Setter, this is his dad, a full English Setter.

 He is one quarter American Bulldog and one quarter Labrador Retriever. His mother below, is half American Bulldog and half Labrador.

I was able to get the pick of the litter, and Gus was the only yellow and white pup in the litter of 12. The other pups were white with small setter spots developing. It would have been so easy to take two pups home from this group! {I want to mention, American Bulldog is not a pittbull dog! Pitbulls are in the terrier family.}

So with the combination of these three breeds, I am expecting him to become a family pet, loyal and enjoy hunting birds and ducks with my husband, Mike. {Mocs}

Gus just turned a year old and he is so funny and I am sure you will be amused by his antics. My 3 cousins along with MaryJanes and myself use Whats-App to stay in contact with each other. I send pictures of Gus to them. The pictures usually involve him balancing something odd on his head. They have told me he needs his own calendar.

Welcome to "Mondays With Gus". I hope you find humor in these posts and know that whatever you see.....Gus is adored, spoiled, loved and lives a better life than most! So even if you see a strawberry balanced on his nose, he is all for playing my games and is eager to try things! 



~ Galoshes & Gus ~