Tour A Charming ~ Beach ~ Boho Style House

Meet Dawn, "We Hart Junk"
She had no idea I was bringing my camera with me when she asked me for lunch today....

Dawn's house is so cute that I just had to!  Follow along as I take you through Dawn's house and show you that you can be married to a minimalist and still decorate with your eclectic, sweet JUNK! 
Meet Dawn, new owner of  WE HART JUNK.
Dawn and I have known each other for about 25 years and I have admired her sassy, funny charm right from the get go. She as close to a mini-me as you can getLike me, she loves junk. Her husband....well, he likes order and no clutter. It's hard to love to collect old stuff when the one you love likes to keep things simple! Junkers like us, like to surround ourselves with our objects. Dawn has come up with clever decorating ideas to make everyone happy. She displays her treasures yet keeps the decor simple.

I hadn't seen her in several years and one day when I was working inside South & Main, in Dalton she walked up to the front window with her little girl. I wasn't sure who was out there, but I opened the door and motioned them to come in. As soon as she looked up I knew it was Dawn..I smiled in recognition welcomed her inside. Funny how people re-enter your life just when you each need each other! That's how Dawn and I feel about each other, and I can type that out without even asking her that, as I know that's how she feels as well! {right Dawn!?} From there I invited her to turn her love for junk into a space at South & Main's 2nd sale which was held in December 2013.

  She and her minimalist husband got right to work and came up with ideas and re-purposed junk, metal and wood into incredible pieces of home decor. They worked together and made several trips in to South & Main to set up their first peddlers space. They rocked it! Their ideas were fresh and new! Creations that had not been done before or seen on Pinterest!
Like this old hinge turned into  magnetic stand! {you can find a few for sale at her new etsy shop, "We Hart Junk" . 
$10.00 what a deal!  
Dawn will package your purchases up quickly and takes pride her in her new shop! I hope you click on the link above and have a look around! 
Lets get back to the tour of her beachy blue and white style home.......

I adore her use of out of the box ideas for storage and containers! Baskets, bins,baskets and hanger hooks made from old, wood trim pieces. You won't find the over use of department storage containers used in her charming house. Her furniture has been furnished via auctions. I am so jealous of her white cupboards used through out her home.

If this is every missing from her house.....it will probably be my fault! And the leather chair below......COMFY!!!
Her home is so easy to feel at home inside. To me it gives a beach side, starfish and flip-flops feel. A beach house without the beach! They worked hard on floors, peeling up layers and sanding leaving them with the original thin slat wood flooring that is gorgeous!

So that's a little peek into a cute little home of one of my sweetest friends. We Hart Junk will be setting up for the May 10th South & Main Open Air Sale. Come introduce yourself to her and see her incredible creations and vintage treasures! 

                   I know you will adore her just like I do!

Dawns Words:
"I love chipped, rusty vintage items - and those are the things I have for sale in my shop! If you are looking for perfection vintage items, then this is not the store for you! If you love history, patina, rust, and "chippiness", then ~We Hart Junk~ is the perfect shop for you. When an item catches my eye, I look for the lovely chipped edges and the worn rust, and the "life" of the item, and that's what I fall in love with. I am eager to share the things I love with you!"
Oh you silly, stop your blushing!


  1. Lisa - that is amazing. This house can't possibly belong to me, can it? It looks so much nicer on your blog than it does to my eye - of course, I am thinking that we all feel that way about our homes once in a while. You are the funniest, most sincere, honest and smart "junker" I know. You are encouraging and positive and I always come out a better person when I spend time with you. And, yes yes yes, everyone, come check out WeHartJunk on etsy and follow us on Twitter at WeHartJunk. Stop by on May 10th and chat with us and tell us what YOU love!

  2. sadienstellaJanuary 20, 2014

    Fun taking a peek at her decorating talents!

  3. Adore this post---thanks for sharing....