Old Farm Grain Sacks Into Farmers Market Totes


If you love going to the Farmers Market, Flea Markets or City wide yard sales you know how hard it is to tote everything around and keep your hands free! Right!? I wanted a durable bag with an extra long strap that wouldn't make me cringe if I put something rusty or dirty inside of it. I wanted to be able to throw it into the wash machine and the dryer and be good to go! I prefer farm type objects with history and one of a kind types of totes! 
I don't carry a Coach bag, that just isn't me! I am serious about my flea markets and I want to be able to load up with the least amount of trips back to the car as possible! So I gathered up some old grain sacks, collected some old trinkets and located some heavy straps and leather to make myself a tote. I cut them to shape, added the odd bling objects, 

pinned them together and hand an Amish neighbor sew them with her heavy machine. I was so happy with my own that I thought I would offer some to sell!
 I made the straps all extra long, tie them up when the bag is empty, the more stuff you put inside of it, the more you let the strap down. There is a pocket inside for your cell phone or wallet.
The best thing, they are unisex so if you take someone with you guy or girl they can wear it while you shop!!!

Vintage Grain Sack
Heavy Farm belt Strap
Royal River Seamless Bag
Back side is plain with red and blue lines.
28" long, 18" wide with a strap that hangs down an extra 28" So this is a LONG, BIG TOTE!
If you like pristine, ironed perfect bags, this is not for you. It has age and history. The bag and strap were previously used prior to being Re-purposed into a tote. I just listed this jumbo tote on etsy for $32.00
Ready to use! If you are a very short person, this is not the tote for you! If you are rather tall, you will love this tote!


  1. Awesome bag! Love it- definetely something I would carry:)