Morning Outing Part II

 The other day I wrote a part I on a day outing with MaryJanes and friend, Teresa. From the Vintage Market we headed to The Oak Street Antique Shop. We each browsed to find vintage items that called to us. I snapped a couple of pictures of things that caught my eye.

 Before we left the shop I told MJ and Teresa to each pick out a surprise package...I love them!!! I have always loved grab bags and the hunt to find just the right back or package had might hold the prefect treasure! We each took turns and selected the package that called to us. MJ picked one that was $2.00 and had a wrapping paper that appealed to her. {Newspaper I believe} I picked out a $2.00 package as well, it was wrapped in Mr & Mrs paper. Teresa, well she had me spring for a $5.00 package...lol. A big, heavy bag all taped shut. We walked to The Alpine Cafe with packages in tow. We sat at our booth waiting for lunch and opened our grab bags. We laughed and had a blast digging through the paper wrapping. Truth be told, the $5.00 bag won hands down!

From there we walked to a cute coffee shop. MaryJanes found some fancy topping for her frothy coffee maker....she had a smile on her face! Now she and her oldest daughter can experiment with it! Before heading for home we stopped at a hardware store and each filled up a cart of project items....gotta love a hardware store! We had a great time, don't you love day outings!? Oh, and no puppies came home with us....next trip??
Coffee shops are always a reason to stop!