Fruit Salad With Gus

Some dogs love fruits and veggies....Gus would be one of them. This makes balancing a little fruit salad rewarding to him as he gets the treat after he poses.This is Gus at 8 months old this past summer.

The older dog that Gus is using for  bed is not a fruit and veggie eater. She has been tolerating Gus, and sometimes even shows the puppy in her when Gus wants to play. Below is shortly after Gus was brought home, I love that puppy stage! The bonding and snuggling and the puppy learning that you are the new parent. Over the past couple of days I have been down and out with an aweful head cold, and I love that Gus can sense that I need down time and he is content to sleep in with me without complaining. A dog is the best medicine when you don't feel well! I have a friend, Laura that just discovered that her allergies to her dogs might be the culprit to her migraines. I can't imagine getting that news. Dogs are a part of who I am as a person, I think I wouldn't be me without a dog or two or three in my life! Do you feel the same? Is a dog like air and water to you?  ~ Galoshes