Chicago Road Trip


          MJ&G along with a friend, took a road trip to Chicago. The three interior pictures are looking out over the balcony out of our room door.
Newly remodeled  Holiday Inn

Our plan.....Check in to the Holiday Inn, unwind from the ride then get a good night sleep. In the morning we went for breakfast, we each picked our own.
Ok, I made the worst selection of the three of us! The other two,they made healthy selections! {boring}

Then off to look at The Market

Boutique Home Displays beautifully!
                           I wanted to take home their displays!

I loved seeing all of the bright colors too! Is spring here yet?

I made MaryJanes Try on clips, hats and bling.

After browsing we placed a few orders from our favorite vendors and then off to check out IKEA! fun fun fun!!!!