Not a fab gardener? No problem. Get bulbs!

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When my husband and I bought our first house there were no flowers in the yard, just old dated bushes that needed to be torn out.  So tear them out we did, and I was left with a big bed of dirt ready for me to make fabulous....... and then I realized........... I'm no gardener!  

Not only am I NOT a gardener, but I had no desire to be pulling weeds and digging in dirt during all of my free time.  I headed to my local garden shop for a solution where I found BULBS!  I picked up tulips, iris, and lilies and had glorious dreams of gorgeous flowers with zero effort on my part.  

I could not have been happier with my choices.  It took a little while for the iris' to take off, but the tulips were gorgeous and the lilies took off like wild fire! Lilies come in lots of colors, grow quickly and are really reziliant.  I live in Wisconsin so flowers are batteling the elements at my house.  Now that we bought a new house I'm thinking lilies are a MUST for my new yard.  I also think bulbs give you the most bang for your buck to stretch your landscaping budget the furthest.  Every year the flowers got hardier and the flower bed more lush with zero effort on my part.  I'm still no gardener!

Maybe my favorite part of having bulbs is being able to cut them and bring them inside for gorgeous arrangments like these.  With bulbs I don't feel guilty cutting them like I do with other flowers that I don't feel are as hearty.


F2D_051306a F2D_051363

Perhaps the best part is how easy bulbs are to find.  You can get them pretty much anywhere even if you live in a small town like me.

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