What Makes You YELL...."Pull Over"

If you are out on a drive just looking for scenery, fun shops and places to check out, what is it that pulls you in? We are still waiting on our closing day for the South & Main buildings in Dalton. It was suppose to be April 29th, 2013...but there was a deed hold up, which lead to another deed hold up and here we are only a few days away from 2014 and still no closing. Luckily, esp since we sold our house in November of last year, the sellers have let us start to work on the buildings. There is only so much we are willing to do without having them in our names. Paint, seal up drafts, clean and move things around are about all we can do until the closing. So the huge front windows will have to wait till spring now to be replaced. Also adding to luck, is selling the house we owned to Taylor and her husband, as we have sooooo much STUFF to move! {and still move!}
But I dream about what to do with the shop front. Which leads me to ask you, what pulls you into a small town shop? What is it about a place that makes you do a U-turn? I really want to know what makes your heart patter and your lungs to generate a huge :SIGH:
 Is it the open door, the greenery mixed in with the found objects that calls to you? Could it merely be the signage or the word OPEN?
Photos from Pinterest

Perhaps you see that other than the shop's inventory they also offer coffee or cold sodas, would that encourage your visit? Do odd objects or art pieces mixed in capture your curiosity?
South & Main in Dalton will be open for occasional POP UP shop sales, set dates for flea markets and it will also be a "catch me if I am there working", kind of shop. Because of that and the fact that Dalton is unincorporated, I want it to look inviting and worth the stop or future return visit. We will offer, vintage, antiques, re-purposed along with a mixture of unique, new items. I would love to know what you look for! Could it be the words on the windows, a certain font or maybe the lighting. What is it that you look for that makes you pull over and skip with excitement? I want to create That Feeling!  Can you describe the vision? ~ Galoshes

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  1. charm, girls. pure, oozey, delightful, delicious, magical charm--at all seasons, for all reasons. dress your windows and doors with it and let it leak right out to the front where you have those can't-drive-by-without-stopping things that make people pause in the middle of the street or on their walks. that allure will pull people right in there. little whimsies...inside and out. that's charm, my friends. pure, unadulterated and unequivocally lovely charm. those are the kinds of stores that make me ribbistrate....you know, do that little snoopy dance.

    1. Love it! You put it into words perfectly!!!!! I am thrilled that you left a comment! It pleases me to read your thoughts!

  2. I found a reference to South&Main on Raven House's (in Baraboo) blogsite. I've been doing a little investigating to find out where you are, etc. I just sent an announcement of your May 10th event to some friends.
    As for this question, I'm trying to think of stores that stopped us in our tracks: a couple of places on Water Street in Princeton. Evolution of Design in Wausau. Mr. Haney's Antiques & Collectibles in Portage. I'd say the common element was that things were placed outside (in summer), or window displays were striking (in winter). The shop exteriors portrayed an element of fun, color, whimsy - as if entering the store represented a destination. Offering refreshments would be nice but would not be a catalyst to enter - for me at least. Good luck with all of that, and maybe we'll see you in May!

    1. Cheryl. Thank you so much for looking us up! Your insights are truly helpful! I do hope you will stop in and introduce yourself! Lisa