Updates on SILVER and our lunch.

Did you get any of this snow that we did in Wisconsin? It is pretty, but it makes me worry about friend's and family that have to drive it it. 
As far as going silver..I am still a work in progress....and Taylor is being patient with me...thank goodness! She has my hair close to the EmmeLou color, but more blue tones. I purchased what my husband calls spray paint, which I tried tonight. I liked the results and wish it would stay in! My sister and brother in law are visiting from Arkansas and will be here in the morning. They will laugh at me or question my metal health! I will laugh with them, at myself....it's an adventure! 
So I mentioned that I would let you know how it was at the Chocolaterian Cafe in Madison! Oh......Lu and I had their shot glass of  hot cocoa. SOOO rich and yummy! Taylor opted for a whipped moose in stead. We had warm panini sandwiches and side salads. Everything was really good. There are windows by the tables so that you can watch them create chocolates while you eat. We chatted and laughed al over a beautiful lunch. When we finished we each selected take home treats from the bakers cases. I filled two boxes, one to gift and one for my husband and I.
 I completely over looked adding their Ugly Cookie to our boxes. Lu said they were her new weakness. So I need to go back and try them out! Taylor took special treats home for the kid's and put candles in them for the twins birthday. We had a great visit, and I know it will be a place we will meet at again!

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