Trying To Go Silver & Chocolate

So a few posts down, I wrote about trying to find my groove with a new silver hair color. I made the appointment at a salon and went. First there was bleach and then I had yellow hair. Then toner was added and I was an ash blond. Ok, but not the silver I was looking to get. So I lived with it for a day. Luckily for me, MaryJanes, Taylor is also a Hair stylist, well, she isn't actively styling any longer other than our family...with her other five family members and Mike and I, that makes for several hair appointments in itself! Yesterday we went to Sallys to grab some "help me go silver" products. Well.....she picks them out, I just pay for them! I have no clue what to do with hair colors! I had tried a temporary hair tint, but it still wasn't the solutions. I wanted this color.............................
Via Pinterest, the beautiful EmmyLou Harris.

Not because of the current silver trend, but because I have always loved this color. So late this afternoon I packed up a few products and headed over to MaryJanes. She bleached my hair again, then I washed it. She bleached the ends to remove the remaining yellow. Then she added a new tint. I should have bought two tubes as the one didn't quite cover my full head of hair. The color turned blue after awhile...we laughed. I looked like a smurf.
I washed it again and there was that silver! We see it, but there is still alot of blond in the mix.

So tomorrow on the way to meet a friend, MaryJanes & Galoshes will go to Sallys once again and I will grab two more tubes of this color. Lunch is at the Chocolaterian Cafe YUM! I may try this: 

               Belgian Ale Monterey Pepper Jack soup with bacon crumbles and Italian parsley.


                  I'm so excited to see the beautiful sights and smell the delicious aromas!
So doesn't this cafe's treats look like art work!
I will let you know who everything was!
Photos from Chocolaterian Cafe ~ Yum Right!!??
The three of us friends, Lu, Taylor and I will sip on hot cocoa and have lunch. Taylor's twins turn 5 tomorrow so we will bring them home a special treat as well.
In the morning, I need to find a hat.....cause I look kinda....sorta...blond with hints of silver and grey.



  1. sadienstellaDecember 19, 2013

    Need a hat? I have two or three or thirty.....