Read This: Lose 30 lbs. & Gain $1400!

Read This: Lose 30 lbs. & Gain $1400!

If you made a New Year’s Resolution to lose 30 lbs. and thought this blog title was a sure sign that “This is the Year” I have to let you down.  
Ok, so I lied! It was a trick, just to get you here….. “hi”

Oh, you may lose the 30lbs, and you might gain $1400 this year, but reading this post won’t get you any closer to either. But thinking on it, that would be better than gaining 30lbs and losing $1400.00! {Actually it might cost you that much in groceries/fast food to put on 30 lbs.!}

But the real post is that whatever you might dream up for a 2014 resolution, make is reachable and obtainable! Don’t set yourself up for failure!  If it’s weight to loose, strive for 10 lbs. this year. Is it to quit smoking? Cut down to half of what you currently smoke. Taking smaller steps might be the key! 

I see others writing about their 2014 WORD. Is this a new thing or am I a day late?  It appears that others are picking out a suitable word for the upcoming year. I like that better than resolutions! Did you see others doing this? Have you chosen a word?

My word, Balance.

I can use this word in several aspects of my life:

Earn money: Goof off. {I goofed off a bit too much in 2013!} 

Spend / Save / Invest

Eat: Move.  I love sweets, and farm type cooking, so I need to learn to move more.


 Stretch / Yoga: This equals having balance, which I need to be better at!


 Family / Friends: I need to spend more time with some and balance my time with others. Make the time for those that take the time. And make that time quality time!

4 Grandkids: each need time, so balance is important here.

My husband: Work with him, play with him. {I need better balance here as we need to play more!}

Emotions / taking things personal / self-criticism. 2013 was a really good turning point for me. I set many things free and lightened my baggage. 

Keep / Sell: Since I am a peddler, and a pack rat, I need balance here the most. I need to balance out what is purchased, saved and sold. 
 Game plan underway!

Do you have a word?

~ Galoshes


  1. I was actually just thinking about my "word" for 2014 earlier today and I think I'm going with Mindfulness. Because I want to be present and engaged in as many moments of my life as possible, instead of rushing through them.

    1. I love your word Trish! I love it when life is slower paced! Be Mindful & Engaged in 2014!