Job Benefits & Holiday Perks

Do you ever think about what other peoples job benefits are? I don't mean paid holidays or health care coverage....though being self employed.... I would love both of those! The benefits I mean are say for instants  you sell things on the internet, and you work at the post office....heck, your errands to drop off the packages are a snap, just take them along to work! If you worked at a used car lot, you would get first picks at an affordable car or truck and be able to know the truth about the mechanics of it! Do you work at a bakery? I bet you never run out of day old bread, for free!!! Each job has its perks! What are yours? Some perks may not even be obvious to others, I am curious as to what your perks are! 
For me, Galoshes, I am an antique/junk peddler plus I am Taylor's assistant in MaryJanes & Galoshes Photography.  My Perks?? I get to use my inventory until I decide to sell it! See that silver dish with the candle in it? Spot the tag on it? Yep, inventory, plucked for MaryJanes & Galoshes Holiday Party. {If you are one of our friends and you weren't invited to this party, please know that we are holding smaller parties this year and you will be included in an upcoming one!} More parties, just smaller numbers of guests at each! Ok, back to what I was saying. Taylor and I are hosting our annual holiday party at South & Main in Dalton this year. Decorating is easy between my inventory and Taylor's creative talents! We just shop South & Main! Some decorations will still have price tags on them, but hey...maybe someone will buy something at the party!! "Welcome to our party,everything is for sale!" :smile:  Of coarse we make a couple trips into Target for added touches! We love that store!

Taylor has a nice selection of varied sizes of white candles, and since our lighting will only be large white Christmas bulbs and candles....it should make for a cozy environment. We looked around South & Main and found ironstone egg cups and porcelain insulators for candle holders. Put the insulators on a little, silver tray, waahla,,,now its safe from drips and adds some reflective light!  Taylor made up several permanent chalk board arts, each with a cute saying or picture, like the Fresh Cut above. So I go around the shop and pick out "like" items to pair up with the signs and make little vignettes. Those are perks! My perks for assisting Taylor with MaryJanes & Galoshes Photography.....spending time with her, a creative outlet, meeting new people and making great friends! I could say that I get to have my picture taken by a professional, but I am sickly camera shy!

This years MJ&G's holiday party theme....come in your cozy Pjs, 

Chinese take out supper, a huge, exciting and fun dessert and a game that will make everyone laugh to tears! Also during the night we will jot down funny things people say, write the quotes on slips of paper and disburse them through out South & Main in Dalton as fun reminders of a great time with friends! 
A Pj Holiday Party, a great way to de-stress and unwind right before the holidays! 
Friends, Good Food, Chocolate, Wine, Beer, Game and Atmosphere. Easy!