What Is That And Why Does It Make Me Cringe?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Orkin Ecologist for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

In the process of purchasing South & Main, in Dalton we put out a few old farm feeders to plant some flowers in. My husband purchased some special Amish plant food called, "Chickadoo" and added to the soil. The flowers were blooming faster than we could believe so it must be worth the effort of adding it into the soil. I don't know for sure, but I figure with a name like that, it must be chicken droppings....I never asked, best not to know some things! This summer was a dry one in Wisconsin so My pup, Gus and I went out every day to water the flowers. Gus spotted something heading towards the flowers and it got him all excited. I caught a glimpse of what he was going for out of the corner of my eye, but wasn't certain was it was. Luckily for technology, I caught it flying to the flowers on my cell phone video.I didn't know what it was, I had never seen anything like it before. After it flew off,I moved the video onto a bumble bee to have a comparison in size. I do know it was ugly, and I didn't much care for it. It was a flying, creepy, dusty looking creature.  I watched the video over and over to try to determine what I had captured in it. It was bigger than the bubble bee, and had duller colors than the black and white bees. I figured it must be some type of bee. When I showed the video to my husband and daughter, they both agreed it was a humming bird.. "a juvenile one as it is so small," my husband comment. I disagreed with the two of them, it must be some type of bee. I found a site that ORKIN created called, "The Ecologist" and found my answer to what this question. It was not a humming bird or a bee at all. It was a hummingbird moth. I had never even heard of such a creature!

moth photo Hemaris_diffinis_liatris_spicata_Tom_Barnes_lg_zpsaaebfd29.jpg This thing was a member of the insect family that I have a strong fear of......MOTHS! I hate them as they fly around my head, bouncing off lights and leaving a trail of dust from their wings. I do not like them at all, not even a little!

As it turns out, ORKIN has a sight that lists the top 10 insect fears.http://ecologist.orkin.com/top-10-bug-phobias/ and I learned that my fear of moths has a name, Mottephobia. I'm not the only one out there that has this fear! The Ecologist has great information for both people like me looking for answers and kids for learning about all types of insects. I would think this would be a fascinating resource and  homeschooling science aide! Not only will kids like it, but adults will get a kick out of it as well. I love that I was able to spot the UFI {unidentified flying insect} with the picture source they offer.Check it out, you will be impressed! Like them on facebook and get some insect craft ideas form their Crafty Pinterest board.

Moths and butterflies are my insect fear they make me #Bugout! What is your insect fear? Leave a #Bugout comment and mention your insect fear. Is it in the top 10 bug phobias ? Go check it out and see. A few days after learning what this creepy bug was, I started hearing other people saying that they had been seeing them around as well. It must be a good autumn for them! What bug creeps you out? Do you have one of the top 10 bug phobias?

Lisa ~ Galoshes

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  1. sadienstellaNovember 07, 2013

    So I suppose your favorite movie is NOT The Mothman Prophecy....

  2. Oh NO!!! I don't think I would care for that at all!