Small Towns With Cozy Shops

Beginning Stages Of The Store Front Of South & Main, In Dalton For The Holiday Sale 

Do you enjoy getting together with some friends and setting out on a back roads trip for your holiday shopping? Do you make your shopping part of the whole holiday fun? Or do you stress about it, and run into the big chains to get it over with? I'm not saying that either choice is the right choice, we all have or tasks that we have to get done. Time is important! 
Sadie ~N~ Stella's Inventory.

But may I just point out that your Christmas shopping can also be part of friendship bonding, self unwinding and a fun experience in itself! 
 Take a drive, find a small town and get back that feeling of the holiday spirit! You will find that the shop owners are friendly and willing to help you find something special for your loved ones. We put our heart and souls into making sure your shopping time is a enjoyable, relaxing experience! We live in Dalton, Wisconsin, it's unincorporated. There are the same number of Amish here as English, and so the clatter of horse hooves and wooden buggy wheels is a common sound out my shops front door. 
MaryJanes & Galoshes Photography Creations.

We just finished up our Grand opening and first sale on November 9th, 2013 and it was a blast! A constant flow of people all day long thanks to the efforts of my Peddlers & Vendors! I heard laughter, chatter, kindness, politeness, and the sound of small town quaintness. I loved that. I saw smiles, warm embraces and looks of contentment on peoples faces. I loved seeing people come in , shop and then later return with a friend or two! 
No Boundaries Wares.

The Ironstone Nest Space

                 A thank you to my family, for all of their support and help in getting South & Main open. A warm embrace to each of the vendors that offered their vintage, creative and hand made wares & goods for sale. To each of you that traveled out to Dalton to shop our first sale.
 I will say my heart was over flowing with your presence at the sale! Thank you one hundred and 9 times! More pictures of the November 9th sale to follow.
Our Next Sale..... 
Ho Ho Holy Vintage
December 7th, 2013 from 9am to 4pm.
A New Look, New Vintage Goods, New Vendors & Peddlers & Inventory!
N0734 County Road FF, Dalton, Wisconsin.
D's Treats

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