In general I am an optimist! Well, ok, I'm 95% OPTIMISTIC! My husband, Mike, he says he is a realist. { I say a cautionary pessimist.} spell check didn't bat an eye when I wrote that, so whoo hoo, so being the optimist I will consider that pessimist is spelt correctly and move on!
In Wisconsin where the trees are all in beautiful shades of elaborate colors, yet the rain poured none stop yesterday.....yep on a holiday! It never let up, not once.
  We are moving here to unincorporated Dalton from 3 1/2 miles away where there was one neighbor. This in turn means that for the last 11 years, other than our grandchildren, we never bought Halloween candy for our nonexistent  trick or treaters.

Then, a friend of mine, dawn....a younger version of me to a T. Ok, off subject here for a sec...... do you know of anyone that is so you it is freaky? I use the word freaky as it is just the day after Halloween...other wise I would have said bizarre...or.. uncanny. For me, that person is Dawn, which happens to be my middle name. More about dawn another time....back to the original post.

Excuse me.....
It's that whole ADD thing happening!
Ok, dawn had told me that Dalton has a wonderful Trick or treating turn out, even the volunteer fire fighter station participates by offering hot cocoa and cider! 
Whooo Hoo, I get to hand out candy and toys to the local kids...this is a good thing! So me, being me, I stock up! I buy cute toys, 4 huge bulk packages of peanut butter crackers,  Spooky gummy packages, 2 huge bags of mini Tootsie pops, candy bones, mummies, sweethearts, and then Halloween trinkets from Michaels. {witch note books, kaleidoscopes, bracelets, along with  assorted prizes } for those costumes that were thought out and hand made from things we have around the house. 
Ok, so I show favoritism to those that are creative....what!??  You don't give an extra pat to your favorite breed of dogs or take an extra bite of your favorite snack?  I love the costumes that are recycles and created or maybe that use vintage clothes. So I had prizes ready for those that caught my attention. {note for next year if you trick or treat at South & Main! } 

Dalton's time frame was 6:00 to 7:30pm......I was ready! My first car pulls up early, Taylor {MaryJanes} and her husband and their four kids. I HAVE TRICK OR TREATERS!!!! Can you feel my excitement?????? 
Then off they went, under umbrellas, in the rain with smiles on their faces! Then I sit...and wait. I have a plan, they can pick one item from the basket and one item from the bucket. Then I will throw a few extra in their bags as a surprise.....ready. I wait. :Sigh: 
No one comes to knock on South & Mains Door. No little kids, all dressed up in cute costumes, no prizes to give out, no giggles. Just rain and more rain. On the plus side!!?? 
I didn't buy chocolate, so I wont eat the treats and gain 5 lbs! Whooo Hooo! 
P.s. And what did my husband say before I stocked up on goodies, "just turn the lights out, I doubt anyone will come"
I hope you and your loved ones and  even those that might have been a bit naughty with excitement yesterday, had a really fun night!

Lisa ~ Galoshes


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