Moving, Pets & Thrifting Ok, and Maybe Warped Humor!

We have been working on purchasing our new place for a year now. There was a deed problem, followed by some legal wording problems.....and now that it is cleared up, I hope to have a closing date set before December. The sellers know that we are using this building for our income as well as for our living, so the hold up has not been easy on our pocket books! They have been letting us move in and work on the buildings.We have been going between the two places....Our daughter & son-in-law, bought our house and we have been living with them. It's gone well, but we are all ready for us to move!  That is where the title of this post comes into play.  We are moving, we have pets and we are thrifty.
 We prefer vintage household appliances as well as tools. After several years, ok, probably 45 years of its life, my glass blender top broke. I'm not good with fragile objects! I went thrifting for a replacement, and spotted this glass blender top. {A buck 99}

Perfect or so I thought. When I got it home I discovered that the base was the wrong match for this top. I could have taken it back, planned on it......but there is that word..MOVING. The return date came and went and now I have a avocado green blender top that has no purpose.  I could sell it, that might take a while and it will probably end up broken by then! I could recycle it, but I' m thrifty and to me that's like throwing 2 bucks down the drain.{yes, I recycle, but this still had the price tag on it...eerrggh} 

We have pets, two dogs which are well taken care of, as we are dog people. I don't mind cats, but I prefer them to be outside and have warm housing as we are also country people. Then there are the fish...do you consider them pets? I 'm on the fence here....I feed them, change their water, not as often as I should, but I do. I see them more as amusement for the grand kids. I don't harm them, I treat them well, I just don't adore them.  They are fish.   
Here comes that word again....moving. Since I am not the worlds best at changing the fish water, it sometimes get a bit green I hate that! I'd rather buy a cheap container to move them into then scrub the green and lime out of the bowl! And so today they moved to the new place, a car ride to Dalton.
   So..... you can see what's gonna happen right!?

And No, it's going to be a fish bowl, not a mad science experience for anyone wondering!



  1. OMG!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE you'd do that to your poor fish!!! ROFL!!! I wonder if they feel like they are on death row???? See I too share your slightly warped sense of humor!!!

  2. Lora, I adore your warped humor too!!! They seem happy......no casualties yet!

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