I gave a gift away in form of a giveaway to someone I have never met. And then she sent me this: I am the one that received the gift of words from her! It makes my heart swell knowing that someone out there adores and appreciates the same little tokens that I adore and shows such appreciation, just as I would have!

The top message was her public reply, the second is the private one she sent to me. I asked her if I could share it as it made me feel SO GOOD!! A new friend indeed, Jennifer! ~Lisa

"Iam! soooooooo grateful. this girlie read me like a book. and we've never ever even met! i had more fun than I've had in ages opening each precious wonderful relic. my husband held the box and i was like a kid again, holding each thing in my hand and wondering over it as i unwrapped it. then i danced. thank you, thank you, thank you! Christmas won't even be as much fun as this was. thank you! if your store is any indicator of what you offer there....oh, man. people are in for SUCH a treat."

 And her private message to me.
I left you a teeny message. but seriously....you have no idea how close you came to about everything I love. everything arrived safely, except for the little milk glass whatever it was holding the thimbles. It was in pieces when I opened the paper. okay. so I love the grain sacks.

 My husband & I talked about what we could make from them. we have a porch swing. one of them is the perfect size for a seat. and the others a pillow. maybe. he saw aprons. I saw pillows. I collect thimbles. you gave me one like my mom had for years, the other one....well, they'll all sit in my hotel cubbie right next to spools of vintage lace that your little spool of vintage lace is going to cuddle right up against. 

 I have my dad's collection of old cameras. I did not have an Anson box camera, but I do now. 
It's making friends with my collection. Then, I adore the message in a bottle, it will sit nicely in the hotel cubbie as well.
     The little wooden geese/duck and the goose card? right up there as well in an adorable vignette. The spoons. sigh. I collect spoons have little pitchers full of them. And you stuck the tin number tag on there. I collect numbers and things with numbers. it went right up on the wall with my numbers and key collection. the bingo cards....the ones you sent me have the patina mine lack. The black metal box. OMGOSH. I about died over that lovely thing, I tell you. and it had a key! I was catching me breath by this time, gasping. I let my husband open it because my hands were shaking from excitement. and it was full.

 I had no idea it would be full! And really, I was like a kid at Christmas. my husband had so much fun watching me unwrap each thing and sigh over it and hug it to me.I have one other metal box....a lovely chippy cream-colored old thing that doesn't close properly nor does it have a key like this one. it's going to sit on top of it. proudly. the white berries. i love white berries. i have named all the children in the photograph and thought up lives for them. I love the little wooden stamps. they're going to sit next to the goose. i love the one that says "duck." kind of cracked me up. cause I was, you know, thinking DUCK! The shoe stretcher is killer. I might have serious use of that thing because I have this one pair of shoes that just kill me when I wear them. plus, it looks cool. my husband regaled me with stories of how he used to put bottle caps just like the cork-lined ones you sent me, only they had Pepsi cola on them. he used to work at the Pepsi cola bottling company in Logan, Utah when he was a teenager. and you gave me a rainbow maker...aka Pollyanna prisms. I'm going to have rainbows dancing all over my studio because I'm putting it right in the window. and the books. oh, gosh. i have old books all over my house. these are perfect for this one space above one of my doors in our cottage that has a shelf on it. tomorrow I'm putting those two books atop a small stack of others i have here. they're going to look amazing. perfect. nests.  
      I collect nests. they're sitting on those same shelves that go across the windows and doors in our great room in our cottage. now this one will find a suitable ledge to sit upon. the student's music practice book is going to find a second life on cards i make for people. it's perfect. as is the "Mavis" sheet music. that will also find its way onto cards. not the originals....just copies. I went to school with a Mavis. the only one I've ever known. and the little crocheted pot holder. i can imagine someone sitting in a rocker and crocheting it. for someone they loved. and now it's mine. and the little ewe and her lamb. again....sitting in a field of ephemera on my hotel cubbie and lastly....the very beautiful and very cool sapphire blue seam binding ribbon. i will make good use of that lovely stuff. I don't have a single bit of ribbon, which i also collect for my paper crafts/art, in that color. it invites playing. which i will do. i thank you again from the bottom of my heart for all this wonderful wealth. I am twice blessed. I feel badly that the first person did not respond, but I feel so happy for myself that they didn't. thank you again. this was just the most fun of all fun. better than Christmas nearly, because I never get anything like this any more. oh....the dog killed me, it's going somewhere. it's the only thing I do not collect. so I'll wait until someone comes into my life with a schnauzer dog just like that who happens to be from Canada and they will be delighted.

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