Hair Trends & Funky Ideas

So what do you think of the new trend of silver hair? Loving it? Hate it? All my life I had long, long hair. Then awhile back I decided to let go of some baggage in my mind and cut my hair as a new step into the second half of my life. First time for me with short hair except when my mother cut my long locks and made me look like a dork. I swore off short hair from then on. I keep tying new things, trying to find "my groove". Each time I do, my husband says, "did you find your groove this time"?  I have been saying, "Nope, not yet" I m 51 years old with the maturity of a 12 year old, so finding my groove isn't that easy! I am happy with myself, but want my own new style. Something artsy, fartsy. Do you know what I mean? Have you found your groove? Maybe yours was never missing. I want something that says, "Yep, I have grandkids, but I can still shake it" {I may look like a fool in doing such, but I know how to laugh at myself, so all is good}!  
Several years back I sprayed my hair silver for Halloween. I loved it! I have wanted to go silver ever since. The women in my family don't grey, they don't silver...they just stay brunette into their 80's and 90's. Darn. 
3 months ago I had my hair colored darker with highlites in a honey brown. Not my thing....so I am excited to change it up. {Still looking for the groove}  So it will either be honey blond or silver. I decided to grow my hair back out long, no trims, just find a new color. So what do you think about the trend of silver now....did you notice it yet? I am not a trendy person, I just have always wanted silver hair. My mom has a friend with beautiful silver hair.....she hates it. I have silver envy!  Yes Barb, you! Here are some pictures of hair colors I adore from Pinterest. My hair isn't as short as the top five. Taylor, {MaryJanes} said she watched a U - Tube on silver hair and said the upkeep might be allot...which I would hate.  But if not now, when will I ever try?

What'cha think? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Lisa ~ Galoshes.


  1. It's only hair. Go for it while it's short if you will always wonder. Easier now than later.