DYI From Found Objects

I thought that maybe you were missing Taylor's {MaryJanes} DIY posts....right!? Did you know MJ&G are a mother & daughter? Yep. Did you also know that she might have gotten some her creative energy from me....Galoshes. 
MaryJanes & Galoshes: Pretty sure this was 1999.

 I may love vintage & junk, but I also have a bit of creativity in me as well! I'm having the Grand opening of my newest vintage & Re-purposed shop this coming Saturday, November 9th. My place is called South & Main and is located in Dalton, Wisconsin. Here is something I am working on this morning for that sale.
It all started with an auction my husband, Mike was at, he purchased a big lot of upholstery "stuff" for the shop.

He was a bit worried that I wouldn't like the goodies he brought home...oh funny man!! You will spot the jute rope and the burlap binding that was part of his purchase in my holiday DIY.
The old parts tags with wire string were purchased from the previous owner of the building. They were garbage bound....I saved them! The previous owner didn't understand my passion for them....but they are old, with wire and paper....gotta love that! I could see them used for another purpose...and here is it.

I measured out my work area bench to be 8 feet long so that is how long each roll would be. I cut that section off, rolled the 8 foot piece up,peeled a section of jute rope and tied the burlap roll with the jute. Attach the old tag along with a jingle bell....throw them in a basket...wha la! I love to use this type of textile to decorate. And in time when I have a use for the burlap, I will put it to another use!

 Then when they are finished, put the price on them and keep them out of reach of my 11 month old puppy!  These rolls will be available for sale at the grand opening of Sout & Main, In Dalton.
Just one....gimme just one!
Have a great week....and hope to see you at the sale!
Oh and they are just $5.00 a roll!


  1. I will be there Sat a.m. for the sale. I need a role of this for hanging a wreath!

    1. YEAH! Thanks Lesley! This is the vintage thick kind!! Sturdy, you will LOVE it!

  2. Hi Lisa....I will be so excited to hear all about your opening sale! I posted & left cards at Hixton for you!
    I am having another doctor visit Friday, so will not be up for traveling to Dalton this weekend, but will be with you all in spirit!
    Enjoy every moment!

    1. So nice of you to let me know! Thinking of you. Hope it goes well at your doctors!