Small Towns With Big Dreams
You will hear several times today, "Happy Thanksgiving". The people you walk past, friends and family will each give you a "Happy Thanksgiving". For me, I want to say, "Appreciation". I don't want to simply wish you a nice holiday or a possible day off from work . I want to offer appreciation and a reminder to appreciate the extra time with your kids, your loved one or maybe a day with your best friend or pet. Unwind, breath in the day, slow down and relax. Don't rush the day, don't speed from one destination to another, but rather have appreciation of each free moment you have today. Is your mom in the kitchen cooking up a storm? Is she frazzled? Stop her, give her a hug and tell her you appreciate her. Does your spouse get up and go to work everyday doing their best to provide? Tell him or her of their value, show them you appreciate their efforts. Maybe your spouse stays home or juggles many roles? Offer your appreciation for their contributions to your family. We all play a role in each others lives. Maybe a Grandfather take a few moments with your kids to allow you a few quite moments to unwind. Maybe your mother-in-law sends home that extra pie with your family tonight, let her know you value the time she took to bake it. Appreciate the day for the minutes, hours and seconds you can spend with someone you love. For me, I appreciate my husband, Mike for the way he balances me. I need that from him as my mind is rarely if every in shut down mode. I am planning, thinking, jumping from one idea and dream to the next all the while he stays beside me and offers his trust in my judgement. He doesn't always see my vision, but he backs me. I appreciate that about him!
I appreciate my daughter, Taylor for her friendship. I appreciate that she has a creative mind, yet the intelligences to research and give structure to her dreams. {Something that I lack.} I appreciate my four grandchildren the way they behave and show gratitude and consideration. Those are things that they have in them naturally and by example from their mom and my son-in-law, Jason. I appreciate Jason for being an incredible husband to my daughter, which is the best example a man can show his children! He works hard with goals in mind and also takes a 50/50 role in parenting.
I appreciate my sister, for always being a confidant, and being in my corner. She has taught me so many life lessons that I will never be able to repay! I appreciate my brother, for becoming an incredible father to my niece and nephews, and walking his own path as a family man.
I appreciate my mom for her agility and youthful lifestyle. She keeps young by being active and going and seeing and doing. Something we should all do as we age! There are my friends, each of them, always there to cheer me on, inspire me and make me laugh together and at myself. I appreciate you each for your individual and unique ways!

Then there is myself. Is it vane to appreciate oneself? If I can't appreciate myself, then I can not be much to others. So as for myself, I appreciate my ability to say things the way I see them. {I speak my mind}. I am true to my beliefs and values without pushing them onto others. I appreciate that I don't follow any one's lead, I listen to my own thoughts and ideas. What I appreciate the most about myself, my child-like way that I see the world, I never lost that. It is what makes me cry at sad movies, what moves me to lend a helping hand and what drives me to jump when I become inspired to attempt something that others might fear.
So today, appreciate the things you like about yourself.

And of coarse, eat dessert first!

Lisa ~ Galoshes


  1. sadienstellaNovember 29, 2013

    And I appreciate one with words of wisdom, inspiration, and creativity...and a good, old-soul quality about them. Therefore, I
    Appreciate You, Galoshes!

    1. I appreciate you as well, more than you know!