Did you ever Re-Home a Puppy?

A year ago, MJ & I were taunting each other with a silly online game. I would find a puppy or dog that needed a home and send her a link. She didn't need another d0g, they have a great dog now! And with 4 kids, and two outside cats, that's enough mouths to feed. Never the less, it was fun to entice. Then she started doing it back to me. We already had 2 dogs, and my husband and I agreed,
She knows what types of pups make me say Ohhhhh! I know what breeds of dogs she'd like to have so it was pretty simple. We just go online, look through ads, Pinterest, Craig's lists or any other means avaiable. I would find a puppy, send her a link and write....HA! Then in turn she would find an even cuter pup and send the picture my way. Neither of us knew when a link to a puppy would be in our email box! Then it happened...
I got the pick of the litter.......the middle boy and the only one in the bunch yellow and white.

 That was it.....I had to have him! I told my husband I was just going to look! MJ and I went together, that could always spell trouble! I was hoping I would just come home with one! MJ's husband was hoping that same thing too.....he didn't want one for each of our families! He will be a year on December 5th.  That year went by like lightening!So if there are those of you that have had to place a litter of pups or rehome a loved pet and hoped they went to loving homes. Know that their are people like myself that make those pets part of the family!

It will be a year of puppy kisses, training and loves. He is happy, safe and adored!  And the next cute picture of cute puppies is being sent to MJ!!!!!