A Perfect Day! Chit Chat A Bit.

There is something to be said for being self employed! For me it's the enjoyment of being able to drop everything and put it on the back burner to do something inspiring when the offer comes up. This morning I stopped over at Taylor's, {MaryJanes} she was busy crafting with two of 4 year olds, while waiting for the bus to pick them up for afternoon 4-K. They were using my oldest granddaughters ballet stand as a yarn stand and wrapping the yarn around it. I guess they were making pom poms for a wreath. The shades of gray and cream yarn were really pretty.  She announced, "I'm feeling crafty today if you want to go home and grab your stash of wool sweaters?" "We can felt them and sew mittens for the South & Main sale on the 7th" she added. I hadn't even thought about doing that today, but hey, why not! So back home to get the boxes I had stashed away over the past two years for the "someday project" of felting mittens. 
Three were already felted, so we could start. The others went in the hot water cycle!

 Today was the day, not because I had it on the day planner or on my weeks list of to-do's! It would happen today because my daughter was inspired to create, and made the offer to help me out! I love that. It took me 10 minutes to gather my supplies and head back to find a hot cup of chocolaty, creamy coffee with whipped cream and sprinkles waiting for me. I adore her!
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 I thought that what she had made was hot cocoa as it was so rich and creamy! It looked just like the Pinterest picture below, even the same color of cup!
Pinterest Image.
The washing machine was working away felting the bulk of pretty, wool sweaters. The oldest grandson was already at school, the twins were getting ready for the bus to pick them up and the baby was napping. Taylor fired up her sewing machine, we started cutting and pinning and creating. What a wonderful way to spend my day...and it wasn't even planned out! 

During the day Taylor had a new refrigerator delivered. I have refrigerator envy!

Have you seen this one? Four doors, and the bottom right side can be a freezer or refrigerator! They will use that lower, right section for the kids to use....all four of them!
The baby woke up and smiled all afternoon, the kids arrived off the bus and everyone was excited to see creative energy in the works!
We had been working on mittens all day long when her husband walked in with two iced coffees!!! :smile: Yep, one for her and one for me! Really, seriously... I live this life!
So you see, if you know how to manage money, juggle your time, and work when you need to work as a self employed person, you reap so many rewards!  Do you have a dream of being self employed? Tell us about it!
Lisa ~ Galoshes.


  1. Awesome post. You are truly blessed!!

  2. MaryJanes -TaylorNovember 22, 2013

    Had so much fun and am so looking forward to our day tomorrow!

  3. sadienstellaNovember 22, 2013

    Sounds like a wonderful way to spend an afternoon!