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9th and 10th Issues Currently Available From "No Boundaries Antiques" located within South & Main in Dalton.
South & Main, in Dalton  is giddy to announce it will be a stockist of this FRENCH / NORDIC
This issue currently available at South & Main in Dalton

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If you were able to make it to the grand opening of South & Main, in Dalton 
you may have spotted several back issues of this gorgeous magazine available from Sadie~N~Stella. She was purging her piles of her collection to make room for the newest issues. Had it not been for my "no early sales to vendors" rule, then I would have snatched up every last issue she had! Were you lucky enough to purchase one or five? If so, you are now hooked! This magazine is full of thick, beautiful pages. Each page is better than the last! You are in luck if you live near South & Main, In Dalton!   
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A good friend and fellow junker of mine, Teresa {No Boundaries} is now a Wisconsin Jeanne d' Arc Living stockist! Currently she has the 9th and 10th issues available at South & Main In Dalton.
This magazine is a perfect Christmas gift to give to a friend that loves nesting, home decor, re-purposing and quite moments spent in a over sized chair along with a cup of hot cocoa! Any recipient of this magazine will be ecstatic! 

Can't wait till the next South & Main, In Dalton Sale Dec 7th to purchase your issue? Just send me a facebook message and I will be sure to make arrangements for you to get your hands on your copy!

I will be happy to offer you free gift wrapping of your Jeanne d' Arc Living Magazine!

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