What Color Are Your Galoshes?

Usually I'm barefoot....it suits me and since I'm a country chic it works for me. {I'm down to fewer foot injuries as I age....Thank God!} In the event that I am not barefoot, I'm in moccasins, galoshes, or Born sandals thus I am the Galoshes of MJ&G. Taylor is never barefoot, she's a city girl, and gets pedicures.....{no foot injuries} She's the MaryJanes of MJ&G! So if you ever wondered where the name............. MaryJanes & Galoshes came from....now you know. 
The two of us are also, MJ&G Photography.
We  Adore Great Dads!
We want you to feel emotion when you look at our work!

Taylor is the one behind the camera, the one that is professional, compassionate and pays attention to detail and angles. I'm the one that sets up themes, props and is often reminded to act my age. {this does come in handy when we need  natural laughter or smiles from our clients though!} Together we are a team and in more than photography. We are each others cheerleaders, support, the reason to laugh at ourselves when we want to fall down from exhaustion. She is the one I confide in, tell my secrets to...cry with, smile with and laugh with. She is my daughter, my friend, and the mother of my four grandchildren. More than that, she is a wonderfully talented person that is always learning and gaining knowledge and skills. I admire that about her!
Do you have someone like that in your life? I hope so! 
 And when you are in front of the camera that Taylor is aiming at you, we want to stir those emotions and show them in our images. That's what we are all about!