Up-Cylce, Re-Pupose

All the old books & old ratty chairs together make for a wonderful Gypsy-Boho Look!

I always have old wooden spools, it's so calming to wrap them in vintage trims and then so pretty to display.

I have 100's of ideas for burlap bags...and I have 100's of them for sale.

And the selection of 100's of old grain bags I have for sale at the November 9th sale will tickle you! So many ideas!
When I go on a "pick"  for vintage junk and treasures, I see an object and envision it to be what it could be. Call it trash to treasure, up-scaling or Re-Purposing, what ever you like. For me it comes natural and I end up buying lot of cool junk that I don't have time to recreate. So when this happens, I have a sale, and give all my ideas away....eerrgghh. I need an assistant!
South & Main, In Dalton: Grand Opening and Vintage Sale. November 9th, 2013  Come find a treasure to turn into something new, or simply find a ready to display object of your affection!
N7034 Old FF, Dalton, WI 53954 Tucked in the midst of several Amish communities.


  1. I am very excited to meet you at the Barn Sale in Dalton, and visit the new store. I travel there a number of times during the spring, summer and fall to attend the Amish produce auction. Now another reason to come to Dalton.

    1. Wonderful that you are familiar with Dalton! Those produce auctions are getting big. I love all of the colors of the fruits and vegetable crates there!

  2. I'm so excited to see you in your new place!

    1. Im so happy that you will make it!!!