Step Into Galoshes...

I hope you don't mind, if we throw a new twist into MaryJanes & Galoshes!  
To date, Taylor {MaryJanes} has been the author of MJ&G.   She has her hands FULL with a unexpected addition to their family......a 4th child! At her C-section of her twins in 2008 she had a tubal ligation preformed as she and her husband decided that a family of 5 was plenty! She and I both started buying up number five signs and numbers. she decorated her house with them. Fives on the mantel, Fives on the walls, and she created art work using their birth-dates as well as the number "5". Then she got sick......
For 2 months she ate Swedish fish and pickles....that's it. Her husband joked with her about the pickles, they laughed. She started getting tired, and then she started to worry about it. She asked me if I thought she could be pregnant. Nah! But....the signs were all there! So what do moms do? We "but in" to our daughter's lives and purchase pregnancy tests! Well that's what this mom did. {Guilty} 
By the way, she has no idea that Im disclosing all of this personal info....Im impulsive...I hope she doesn't mind....if she does?? Opps, too late. 
 I took it to her....she tried it. Yep! Preggo! After completely sending off all of their baby clothes, supplies, etc, they were expecting another baby in April 2013. They had just purchased the house from us and were planning on siding, roofing and remodeling, you know all of those expenses that you encounter to make a new house your own style.....esp when it was your parents!  
Along with a new baby, a 6 year old and a set of 41/2 year old twins, she is an awesome and busy photographer! http://maryjanesandgaloshesphotography.com/ 
And now we are busy hunting for cool number 6's!  

This is where I would like to introduce myself, Lisa {Galoshes} as the author. I have been hinting over the last year that she should consider lightening her load by letting me post for her. She loves this blog, and letting it go wasn't something she was all that interested in...so I just kept hinting. And Tuesday, she sent me an invite to join MJ&G. YEAH! Thank you Taylor, I will take good care of it, and you can come say Hello when ever you find a spare minute....:smile: 
So that is what's going on in MJ&G. I hope you will stick around and get to know me. Im not all that different from Taylor.....well...yeah, I guess day and night....and Im funnier than she is! At least I tell myself that. The more kids she has, the funnier she gets...humor, it keeps you from going completely bonkers!
I will write the next post about who I am and what I am all about plus a new venture my husband and I are undertaking. So glad you took the time to read this, I appreciate that you are here and I hope can make you laugh, smile and maybe even sometimes blush! Well, I know Taylor will often say, "did she really just post that!?" That's what moms do right? 

Make someone laugh at an inappropriate time....it's always funnier that way!


  1. Yes Lisa - you are WAY funnier than Taylor (just don't tell her that - she is also more sensitive than you!)


  2. You read my post....whooo hoo! You are funny too Marc! So is Jenn...you both make us laugh! I love that about you two!