Outdoor Markets & Junk Sales

A full tank of gas, plenty of room to load JUNK {flea market finds}cash, iced coffee, checkbook and good company on an autumn day.....that's my own piece of heaven! Next to puppy breathe and kisses, that's what puts a smile on my face! This would explain why on Friday and today, I smiled a lot! 
Sometimes luck has good timing! Friday 2 of my grandkids did not have school, so Taylor got the oldest one on the bus and then we packed up the other 3 for a road trip. I love spending time with her. She is easy to junk and laugh with! Sometimes we find each other treasures that the other HAS to buy! "Oh, You Have To Buy That"! For some reason for Taylor, it's been Captains, antlers and Scandinavian items lately. For me, anything with cubbies, industrial, galvanized or old metal instruments. 
Fridays road trip was to Nellies Barn Sale in Roscoe IL. This would be our first visit there even though I'd been having contact with Ann {the most helpful event planning person you can find!}  over the past few years. I kept noticing that she and I had the same taste in junk, and we each bought the same brand of vintage campers at about the same time. {I have a glamper project that I will share with you in the future!} 
From Pardeeville, WI it only took up 90 minutes to get to Ann's sale in Illinois and not too far from her place is a huge Hobby Lobby! I notice a few of her neighbors took advantage of her promoting her sale, by setting up yards sales...bonus! 

Ann: Nellies Barn Sale

There was a line forming down the road of excited customers waiting for 10am! We arrive a bit early so we were quite close to the front of the line. Within 3 minutes I had made two purchases! Taylor was slowed down with a baby in her arms and lost out on a cute table by a woman with free hands that snatched the tag right up. eeerrghh. We then headed to the back yard where there was live music....wonderful! There were tents, pumpkins, candles, JUNK....junk....treasures, vintage clothing.....well....just about anything you could want! It was an open air market and the weather was perfect! The sale was wonderful and the vendors were creative. We had a perfect time shopping then sat down on the arranged straw bales to listen to live music! Nellies Barn Sale will be an annual outing now!
Fun, creative goodie bags at NBS.

A great selection of autumn at Nellies!
 Then today was planned out as a date outing with my husband...we much prefer a junking date to fine dinning! We headed out early to make the 2 1/2 hour drive to yearly destination......  a Friend, Kari hosts Meadowview Barn Sale once a year. This is both an open air market as well as a barn sale. I made sure the Scion's seats were folded down and that it was empty as I fill it each sale! I used to always be first in line, but it has become so popular that i think some of those ladies camp out over night! Dang!  Kari has a talent for country decorating and hosting! She has friends she calls the barn cats that help her run the sale so that she can welcome her guests, free up their hands of treasures and help carry out purchases. She has a way of making each person feel appreciated  for their attendance. This year I missed out on some great buys! Like the little white kitchen unit with flour and sugar bins for $45.00!!!!! That was a steal!
I missed that cupboard at Meadow View Barn Sale!

We did find lots of fun items including feedbags, wire objects, industrial stands and some cute vintage spring fuzzies for upcoming projects.{spell check doesn't like fuzzies, spell check doesn't get me!} 
Every Area Is Styled At MVBS!

Meadowview Barn Was Packed!
Once we shopped the inside several times over we headed outside of the barn to see all of Kari's farm items. She always has Old Shabby doors, galvanized buckets bins and baskets, rustic farm tool and little trinkets! If your arms are full, they supply cute,vintage wheel barrels to help lug your wares! Meadowview Barn Sale is held once per year and is located in Augusta, Wisconsin. Well worth the beautiful country side drive! And stop at the Hixton Mall
as well as the other antique shops in Hixton. And if you love pie.....Osseo has Norski Nook!  YUM

Did you make it to either of these barn sales? Would you have liked to of? Well, if you missed them, you can make plans for November 9th!   
SOUTH & MAIN, In Dalton.
13 Fun, Funky, Festive women have gather together to bring you eye candy of all kinds!
{And some FABULOUS holiday shopping too!}
Want to know the details? Coming Next Post!
And find out how you can win one of  four $25.00 gift certificates for the December 7th sale at South & Main!
You won't want to miss it!

And so now you know a little more about me, Galoshes. I love JUNK, Re-Purposing, Thrifting, and my creative friends!


  1. awesome junking days! something I have never tried....
    I can't wait to see the glamper project, that is my dream!

    1. Sarah, thanks for taking the time to check in! I have been buying up vintage campers....my husband thinks I have lost my mind! Glad to know there are others out there with the same dreams!

  2. Hello in Austin! One of my best friends is from there...she moved here. She will be at a sale Iam doing November 9th! You guys from Austin rock!

  3. i was there!!! I see the back of one of my friend's head in the picture of the line! LOL! Great sale.. This is my 3rd year going. Always great goodies and love Kari to pieces!!! OLM

    1. Prims, it's a small world! Kari's barn sale was wonderful as every! I wonder if we bumped into each other there?! I hope you can make it to the November sale in Dalton at South & Main. It is 2 1/2 hours from Kari's sale. Introduce yourself if you are able to make it! Lisa

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