Do You Host Parties?

Dinner: Cocktail: Celebration Parties, do you host any?
When I was young, in the 1960's then into the early 70's my folks and neighbors got together often. They had parties, get together events. There was always cold beer, laughter, horse shoe throwing and just plan social fun. It seems like they had these parties often, esp during the summer months. 
Via Pinterest

Fondue was a big part of  the party! Via Pinterest

 They would each dress up a bit, bring a bottle of wine or a case of beer and just relax with each other. 

 Other than college students, it seems that people have gotten away from hosting these types of fun times. 
Not so for MaryJanes & I! We love to host parties, I think more so, we love the whole theme idea and planning! Our plans are to host a small party every three months. A few life events have come about since our last party, so we have made sure to set the date for our next event. This time it is a dinner party with a small group of friends. We start with a Pinterest board.....
Via Pinterest

 We decide on a theme and then pin away. Then once we find the style we like, we replicate those pins as cost effective as we can. 
It's not just about the party itself, it's about having something in common with each other, MJ & I. An event that we can plan together away from kids and jobs, and housework.....it's just fun. We laugh a lot, we day dream  of awesome, expensive hostess gifts to give and decor out of our budget. Between the two of us, we are pretty creative and make due on a budget. I love the whole process of the party planning with her. 

And when we get it all together and compare to our Pinterest boards   
I must say, we come very close!

So give it a try, maybe skip the gift exchange with friends and get together to plan & host a party. It's a great way to keep in touch with friends, and just have fun! Pick a theme..and have fun with it!

Our next party is December 14th, I will be sure to have Taylor snap some pictures for me to share!


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