Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!

 I took away my replies and ended up with a total of 31 entries. I entered 1-31 into the random number generator...{ok, so after asking Taylor/MaryJanes where}. 


The winner of the MaryJanes & Galoshes Vintage Stash Giveaway, by  South & Main,In Dalton is ..........
  #20 Trish!
Trish, congratulations, I will package all of your vintage treasures up and sent them on their way to you. Please leave a comment so that I know you have seen this, then send me a message with contact information. Do not put your address in the comments, either send me a PM in Facebook for MJ&G or South & Main in Dalton. If no reply by Trish in 48 hours, I will do another random generated number. Thank you so much to each of you that left an entry! 
Lisa ~ Galoshes
And Happy Halloween! 



Do You Host Parties?

Dinner: Cocktail: Celebration Parties, do you host any?
When I was young, in the 1960's then into the early 70's my folks and neighbors got together often. They had parties, get together events. There was always cold beer, laughter, horse shoe throwing and just plan social fun. It seems like they had these parties often, esp during the summer months. 
Via Pinterest

Fondue was a big part of  the party! Via Pinterest

 They would each dress up a bit, bring a bottle of wine or a case of beer and just relax with each other. 

 Other than college students, it seems that people have gotten away from hosting these types of fun times. 
Not so for MaryJanes & I! We love to host parties, I think more so, we love the whole theme idea and planning! Our plans are to host a small party every three months. A few life events have come about since our last party, so we have made sure to set the date for our next event. This time it is a dinner party with a small group of friends. We start with a Pinterest board.....
Via Pinterest

 We decide on a theme and then pin away. Then once we find the style we like, we replicate those pins as cost effective as we can. 
It's not just about the party itself, it's about having something in common with each other, MJ & I. An event that we can plan together away from kids and jobs, and housework.....it's just fun. We laugh a lot, we day dream  of awesome, expensive hostess gifts to give and decor out of our budget. Between the two of us, we are pretty creative and make due on a budget. I love the whole process of the party planning with her. 

And when we get it all together and compare to our Pinterest boards   
I must say, we come very close!

So give it a try, maybe skip the gift exchange with friends and get together to plan & host a party. It's a great way to keep in touch with friends, and just have fun! Pick a theme..and have fun with it!

Our next party is December 14th, I will be sure to have Taylor snap some pictures for me to share!


Giveaway Ends Soon!

Did you get a chance to enter the giveaway?
All vintage treasures!
3 grain bags, metal lock box, sweet old book, sheet music & book, stampers, little plastic animals, 3 spools of vintage trims, milk glass, 2 thimbles, old bible, old clothes pins, cute spoons, sepia photographs, old camera, sweet stuffed kitten, bingo cards, old soda bottle caps, clip, wooden shoe form, wooden spool with lace trim, prism, old bottle with note, doilydoor knob, metal number tag, ceramic dog, new hand made book plates and a sweet nest! All yours and you have three ways to enter!

 See original post below for details.


Do You Believe In Miracles?

A miracle is an event not ascribable to human power or the laws of nature. Have you had something in your life that you consider a miracle? Did you avoid an incident purely because someone was thinking of you and called you, which made you stop, which in turn kept you safe? Have you bump into someone that you just had on your mind 2 seconds ago, and hadn't seen him/her in several years? Did something so life changing happen to you that you feel it must be a miracle? I would love to hear about your experience, would you care to share? 
I have a few stories to tell of things that have happened to me in life that are unexplainable, happenings that put me on a new path, pointed me in a new direction and things that I had hoped for that did not come true, as much as I prayed and wish for them to happen, and in the long run, I am so much better off that they didn't. Do you understand that, or can you relate this to your own life? I want to share with you the latest miracle in my world.....meet my newest miracle, "Booga-Boo" {no, not her given name, but my "I adore you" name}.
New Born: left side and then now, Six Months: right side

So what makes her a miracle? Let me tell you......Taylor, {MaryJanes} is an only child despite that I wanted 5 children. In the turn of events, having an only child worked out perfectly for me, and I wouldn't go back and change that if given the option! Then after Taylor had her first child, she could see the benefits of raising a single child, and she considered it, even though she and her husband discussed that they would have three. {2 boys and a girl added last was their plan to be exact}. Taylor's husband was not on board with just one, and so they discussed it and would have one more, changing their original plans of three, down to two. When Taylor was pregnant with her first, I put in a request for twins, a boy and a girl. I even bought twin socks in pink & blue and wrote, "a grandma can wish" That request was granted with Taylor's second pregnancy, and the girl was born after the boy, fulfilling their original plan of 2 and 1. With the C-section of the twins, they had arranged that she would have a tuba-ligation.  In medical terms:

Tubal ligation or tubectomy (also known as having one's "tubes tied" (ligation)) is a surgical procedure for sterilization in which a woman's fallopian tubes are clamped and blocked, or severed and sealed, either method of which prevents eggs from reaching the uterus for fertilization Tubal ligation is considered a permanent method of sterilization and birth control.

That was 2008.
And then Booga-Boo was born this past April. So now I have my five....Taylor and her four children! 

I would love to hear your story, would you care to share it? Could I share it here? Send me a message. 
~ Lisa {Galoshes}



A GIVEAWAY of a vintage Stash

Celebrating 900 face book likes with a vintage giveaway.  You could win this whole selection of vintage treasures!

If you are a MaryJanes & Galoshes fb fan, then you are eligible to enter this giveaway. I thought a good way to let you know a little about me, Galoshes is to offer you vintage things that I tend to gravitate to and usually include for sale when I do shows. So if you are within the USA, a MJ&G fb fan all you need to do is leave a comment that you also love vintage items, and let me know what vintage things you adore. This will get you one entry. Want 2 more chances? Go to my new fb page for a shop I will be opening in November and give a LIKE to South & Main in Dalton. That gets you another entry. 

 Finally, share this giveaway on fb, that gives you a third enter. So, enter once, twice or three times,  your choice!  

 Drawing will end at 5pm on Wednesday, October 30th by use of random drawer services. I will ship the box full to you by Priority mail and do so as soon as you have claimed it! I will publish the winner, leave a comment if your name is drawn within 48 hours. Thank you kindly and good luck! {Good for USA shipment only.}

Thank you for your LIKES!


Autumn Wisconsin Style

Do you live in Wisconsin or have you ever visited here in autumn? If not I want you to get a sense of what it feels like to see the burst of colors all around you. It brings out the 12 year old in us when we see a pile of leaves freshly raked up by the neighbor. Their hours of labor racking look like an invitation to a wonderful "Jump In" adventure. 

 Autumn here calms us, slows us down a bit. We drink more hot cocoa, enjoy more baked goods than usual, and we appreciate each other just a bit more.  

 It's a nesting feeling, build a fire, roast marshmallows, sip apple cider and drop off some extra garden produce to a few neighbors. We exchange simple gifts this time of year, gift of nature like, honey locally harvested, zucchini, apples and a bouquet of wild flowers from along the road. It's not yet the holidays everywhere else, but here, the holidays are in their prime. It's about giving, helping and slowing down. Maybe that's why is it my favorite season! 

I hope that you get a chance to experience that feeling, let the kids inside of you be set free and jump in that pile of leaves! You will be so glad you did!

Thank you to each of you that do something nice for a neighbor, a stranger in need of assistant, or a loved one that might not be able to do something on their own. You are just like Autumn in Wisconsin!


Creative Energy...

What are you passionate about? For The two of us, MaryJanes & Galoshes, it's sparking the creative fire! 
And so tomorrow we will be staging a stylized photo shot of a Boho wedding. Right now Taylor of MaryJanes & Galoshes Photography and Amanda of Alluring Blooms are gathering some last minute fresh farmer's market find for the sessions.
I know they are stopping at a coffee shop on the square in Madison, WI. and no doubt they will head into Target! When you are an hour from a large city, you need a dose of Target now and then! I was tempted to join them in the fun.... but after our engagement photo session this morning, I knew I needed to focus on getting Stuff done! You know, that list, right!?
 It was frosty and cold this morning, yet the couple were so cute and funny that it didn't matter. They picked out the cutest pair of matching low cut leather boots to wear and their styles were just so fun! Had it been warmer I think we could have snapped pictures of them all day long! They brought along their two dogs to add to the fun!
Sunday's session will be a group effort, models, clothes, flowers, wedding cake and the cutest looking fat little pony!  I will gather props, long table, burlap, lace, blue mason jars and what every catches my eye in the South & Main building. It will be like a big stage in an open field full of long grass and shades of autumn.We get to play dress up, act silly and be creative....it's what sparks our fires!

So I hope you have something that gets you inspired. Something that puts a smile on your face and adds something special to each day. I would love to hear what those things are....care to share?....


Who's Your Sweetest?

Romantic arrangement by Alluring Blooms Photography by MaryJanes & Galoshes 
It's the night before  holiday....were you aware of that? Are you prepared with a card, flowers or perhaps a hand written love note?
Do you do anything special, does someone do something unexpected for you on Sweetest Day? October 19th, 2013.

Let someone know that they mean the world to you!

Up-Cylce, Re-Pupose

All the old books & old ratty chairs together make for a wonderful Gypsy-Boho Look!

I always have old wooden spools, it's so calming to wrap them in vintage trims and then so pretty to display.

I have 100's of ideas for burlap bags...and I have 100's of them for sale.

And the selection of 100's of old grain bags I have for sale at the November 9th sale will tickle you! So many ideas!
When I go on a "pick"  for vintage junk and treasures, I see an object and envision it to be what it could be. Call it trash to treasure, up-scaling or Re-Purposing, what ever you like. For me it comes natural and I end up buying lot of cool junk that I don't have time to recreate. So when this happens, I have a sale, and give all my ideas away....eerrgghh. I need an assistant!
South & Main, In Dalton: Grand Opening and Vintage Sale. November 9th, 2013  Come find a treasure to turn into something new, or simply find a ready to display object of your affection!
N7034 Old FF, Dalton, WI 53954 Tucked in the midst of several Amish communities.


What Is Your Halloween Fireplace Style?

You like things two toned and creative? #1

Maybe you love romantic, eclectic, whites & tarnished silvers? #2

You like to make people laugh, make a statement with few words? #3

Then again, maybe you like to be bold, classic and add a twist? #4
We live in Wisconsin.....our fireplaces are already in use here! If you live in an area that allows you to hold off with heat till after Halloween then you can have fun decorating it! What style are you....1, 2 3,4 or 5?
Maybe you love the goolish side of Halloween? You like dares and scares? #5


Four $25.00 Gift Certificates

Mention this post when you are in the Sommers Breeze Antiques space during the November 9th sale at South & Main in Dalton. You will receive a 2 part ticket, you take part, I will keep the matching piece. Keep that ticket SAFE! Return for the December 7th sale and bring your ticket stub. Match it to the posted four winning stubs, to see if you won one of FOUR $25.00 gift certificates! No purchase necessary, just ask. Certificate good for Sommers Breeze Antique inventory only. Winning tickets must be claimed during the December 7th sale. Good Luck!
Are you feeling lucky? You know you love to win! It's your turn....right??!! 


Grain Sacks & Feed Bags: Cotton Plus Burlap

I adore the use of fabric grain bags!

Fabric....natural fabric. It is safe for food, reusable and beautiful. I love the romantic side of grain bags, do you understand what I'm saying? If you are adore vintage items and fabric.... I think you know where I am coming from.

     Would you like to purchase and use some? And better yet, at a great price and no shipping fees!

South & Main, in Dalton, Wisconsin has them, laundered and folded in a great assortment of styles, colors, brand. All vintage.....all available at the grand opening November 9th, 2013. What could you will create from them?

See you there!


You Are Invited!

Flyer By Alluring Blooms

Consider yourself invited to the grand opening and first sale of South & Main located in Dalton, Wisconsin. {1 hour north of Madison}
13 Fun, Funky, Festive Women Have Gathered Together To Bring You Eye Candy Of All Kinds As Well As Some FABULOUS Holiday Shopping And Inspiration!
Sommers Breeze Antiques
MaryJanes & Galoshes Photography 
Alluring Blooms
Pray For More Stuff
The IronStone Nest
No Boundaries
Cz inc
Green Paint Photography
Studio Debre
Fresh Eggs
Primitive Mary
D's Treats
Grab your friends and plan a road trip! South & Main is smack dab in the middle of Amish communities! So lots to see in do in the area! 
See You There! 


Outdoor Markets & Junk Sales

A full tank of gas, plenty of room to load JUNK {flea market finds}cash, iced coffee, checkbook and good company on an autumn day.....that's my own piece of heaven! Next to puppy breathe and kisses, that's what puts a smile on my face! This would explain why on Friday and today, I smiled a lot! 
Sometimes luck has good timing! Friday 2 of my grandkids did not have school, so Taylor got the oldest one on the bus and then we packed up the other 3 for a road trip. I love spending time with her. She is easy to junk and laugh with! Sometimes we find each other treasures that the other HAS to buy! "Oh, You Have To Buy That"! For some reason for Taylor, it's been Captains, antlers and Scandinavian items lately. For me, anything with cubbies, industrial, galvanized or old metal instruments. 
Fridays road trip was to Nellies Barn Sale in Roscoe IL. This would be our first visit there even though I'd been having contact with Ann {the most helpful event planning person you can find!}  over the past few years. I kept noticing that she and I had the same taste in junk, and we each bought the same brand of vintage campers at about the same time. {I have a glamper project that I will share with you in the future!} 
From Pardeeville, WI it only took up 90 minutes to get to Ann's sale in Illinois and not too far from her place is a huge Hobby Lobby! I notice a few of her neighbors took advantage of her promoting her sale, by setting up yards sales...bonus! 

Ann: Nellies Barn Sale

There was a line forming down the road of excited customers waiting for 10am! We arrive a bit early so we were quite close to the front of the line. Within 3 minutes I had made two purchases! Taylor was slowed down with a baby in her arms and lost out on a cute table by a woman with free hands that snatched the tag right up. eeerrghh. We then headed to the back yard where there was live music....wonderful! There were tents, pumpkins, candles, JUNK....junk....treasures, vintage clothing.....well....just about anything you could want! It was an open air market and the weather was perfect! The sale was wonderful and the vendors were creative. We had a perfect time shopping then sat down on the arranged straw bales to listen to live music! Nellies Barn Sale will be an annual outing now!
Fun, creative goodie bags at NBS.

A great selection of autumn at Nellies!
 Then today was planned out as a date outing with my husband...we much prefer a junking date to fine dinning! We headed out early to make the 2 1/2 hour drive to yearly destination......  a Friend, Kari hosts Meadowview Barn Sale once a year. This is both an open air market as well as a barn sale. I made sure the Scion's seats were folded down and that it was empty as I fill it each sale! I used to always be first in line, but it has become so popular that i think some of those ladies camp out over night! Dang!  Kari has a talent for country decorating and hosting! She has friends she calls the barn cats that help her run the sale so that she can welcome her guests, free up their hands of treasures and help carry out purchases. She has a way of making each person feel appreciated  for their attendance. This year I missed out on some great buys! Like the little white kitchen unit with flour and sugar bins for $45.00!!!!! That was a steal!
I missed that cupboard at Meadow View Barn Sale!

We did find lots of fun items including feedbags, wire objects, industrial stands and some cute vintage spring fuzzies for upcoming projects.{spell check doesn't like fuzzies, spell check doesn't get me!} 
Every Area Is Styled At MVBS!

Meadowview Barn Was Packed!
Once we shopped the inside several times over we headed outside of the barn to see all of Kari's farm items. She always has Old Shabby doors, galvanized buckets bins and baskets, rustic farm tool and little trinkets! If your arms are full, they supply cute,vintage wheel barrels to help lug your wares! Meadowview Barn Sale is held once per year and is located in Augusta, Wisconsin. Well worth the beautiful country side drive! And stop at the Hixton Mall
as well as the other antique shops in Hixton. And if you love pie.....Osseo has Norski Nook!  YUM

Did you make it to either of these barn sales? Would you have liked to of? Well, if you missed them, you can make plans for November 9th!   
SOUTH & MAIN, In Dalton.
13 Fun, Funky, Festive women have gather together to bring you eye candy of all kinds!
{And some FABULOUS holiday shopping too!}
Want to know the details? Coming Next Post!
And find out how you can win one of  four $25.00 gift certificates for the December 7th sale at South & Main!
You won't want to miss it!

And so now you know a little more about me, Galoshes. I love JUNK, Re-Purposing, Thrifting, and my creative friends!


What Color Are Your Galoshes?

Usually I'm barefoot....it suits me and since I'm a country chic it works for me. {I'm down to fewer foot injuries as I age....Thank God!} In the event that I am not barefoot, I'm in moccasins, galoshes, or Born sandals thus I am the Galoshes of MJ&G. Taylor is never barefoot, she's a city girl, and gets pedicures.....{no foot injuries} She's the MaryJanes of MJ&G! So if you ever wondered where the name............. MaryJanes & Galoshes came from....now you know. 
The two of us are also, MJ&G Photography.
We  Adore Great Dads!
We want you to feel emotion when you look at our work!

Taylor is the one behind the camera, the one that is professional, compassionate and pays attention to detail and angles. I'm the one that sets up themes, props and is often reminded to act my age. {this does come in handy when we need  natural laughter or smiles from our clients though!} Together we are a team and in more than photography. We are each others cheerleaders, support, the reason to laugh at ourselves when we want to fall down from exhaustion. She is the one I confide in, tell my secrets to...cry with, smile with and laugh with. She is my daughter, my friend, and the mother of my four grandchildren. More than that, she is a wonderfully talented person that is always learning and gaining knowledge and skills. I admire that about her!
Do you have someone like that in your life? I hope so! 
 And when you are in front of the camera that Taylor is aiming at you, we want to stir those emotions and show them in our images. That's what we are all about!