Ordering Prescription Glasses..... Online with GlassesUSA.com

I have to admit I was really intimidated by the thought of ordering prescription glasses online.  For starters I don't wear glasses myself, my husband does.  But since I'm the one in charge of getting him new glasses it was my job to order them and I thought I would give online ordering a shot.  I knew nothing about prescriptions or frames but GlassesUSA.com made it really easy on me!

Since I didn't even know where to start, I called up GlassesUSA.com to find out what the first step was.    Their customer service was fast and really helpful.  All I needed to do was call my husbands eye doctor and get a valid prescription mailed to me.  Once I had the prescription in hand it was as easy as entering some key information which was laid out for me to plug in.  They even had the option for me to send them the prescription and they would do it for me!  But it was super easy to do on my own so I did.

One of my main concerns was how I was going to get my insurance to cover glasses if I was ordering them online.  Customer service said all I had to do was pay up front then send my insurance the bill for reimbursement.  That sounded a little to good to be true, but I called my insurance and sure enough!  I was very excited!  The deals on GlassesUSA.com were WAY better than the costs at my local eye doctor.  And since we have a limited vision coverage budget which only resets every two years it's important that we make the most of the fund.

We have a really hard time finding eyeglasses for my husband because he has a long narrow face.  GlassesUSA.com gave us lots of options to find the perfect frames even though we couldn't actually try them on like you can when you go into the eye doctor.  The first thing I did was sear by size.  You can search the frames a lot of ways, by style, color, etc.  But you can also search by size by measuring your glasses or reading the measurements inside your current frames.  Our current frames didn't have the numbers, so we measured.  This narrowed our choices down to about ten pair. From there we used my absolute favorite part of the website, the virtual mirror!  We used the webcam to take a picture of my husband (you can also import an image or use one off Facebook!) and it actually plugged it into the site and showed every pair of glasses on his face!  Of course I had to play with it myself!

Try it out for yourself!

So not only was it super easy to get the prescription entered and pick out some great frames but they have some really awesome deals too!  You can see the current promotions and coupons here. You can also use the discount code Blog10 for ten percent off your order!

Here is my husband in his new frames!  We love them. They arrived quickly in a really nice case. Couldn't be happier!

GlassesUSA.com also offers a 110% lowest price guarantee, 100% satisfaction guarantee and a great refer a friend program! Like them on Facebook to keep up with the latest offers! We highly recommend them and will be ordering again!


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