Keeping your pets happy and healthy

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Comfort Zone® products for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

We are not the only one's who can get stressed over the holiday season.  Imagine how your pets feel when your traveling more than normal, or maybe you have a house full of people who to your pet are loud and in their space.  It's no wonder your pet may feel the effects and you may notice it.  

So what can you do about it?  There is a new product called Comfort Zone® with D.A.P.® that may help.  Comfort Zone® products are designed to reduce stress related behavior in dogs.  Cats may also find comfort with Comfort Zone® with Feliway®.  Comfort Zone® with D.A.P.® mimics your pet's natural pheromones to help them feel calm and comfortable in their environment.  For dogs it can specifically help with excessive barking, chewing, and household soiling.  

Other reasons your pet could be stressing

  • Thunderstorms
  • Loud noises (we live in an area where there are a lot of hunters)
  • Long periods being alone
  • Changes in environment or schedule

You know your pet best, so you know what they stress over.  Now you can be relieved that you have a way to help them.  Right now you can get a $10 off coupon through the Comfort Zone® with D.A.P.® link! To keep up with all the latest be sure to Like Comfort Zone® products on Facebook.

It is recommended that you allow 90 days to see the full effect in your cat or dog.  Follow the instructions in the product insert for detailed usage.

If your cat or dog is experiencing a medical issue, consult with your veterinarian before using Comfort Zone® with D.A.P.® products.

You can find this prodcut in pet specialty stores including PetSmart and Petco, independent pet stores and online.

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  2. thank you for sharing this!

  3. One thing that I do to keep my pet happy is by giving him a nice bath using a natural pet shampoo. If my pet still feels uncomfortable or stressed then that is the time that I will bring him to a veterinarian.

  4. The list is right on. You can feel if your pet is stressed out. Don't be in such burden when this happens, its normal. When I sense this, I would take my pets for a dog boarding in long island. They would relax in that place and after a day there. All will be back to normal.

  5. They are mostly affected by thunderstorms and the like. Common things that can happen is trembling and hyperactivity to call the attention of the owner. When they are doing these kinds of things after a few days then its time to bring them to a veterinary.