Read This: Lose 30 lbs. & Gain $1400!

Read This: Lose 30 lbs. & Gain $1400!

If you made a New Year’s Resolution to lose 30 lbs. and thought this blog title was a sure sign that “This is the Year” I have to let you down.  
Ok, so I lied! It was a trick, just to get you here….. “hi”

Oh, you may lose the 30lbs, and you might gain $1400 this year, but reading this post won’t get you any closer to either. But thinking on it, that would be better than gaining 30lbs and losing $1400.00! {Actually it might cost you that much in groceries/fast food to put on 30 lbs.!}

But the real post is that whatever you might dream up for a 2014 resolution, make is reachable and obtainable! Don’t set yourself up for failure!  If it’s weight to loose, strive for 10 lbs. this year. Is it to quit smoking? Cut down to half of what you currently smoke. Taking smaller steps might be the key! 

I see others writing about their 2014 WORD. Is this a new thing or am I a day late?  It appears that others are picking out a suitable word for the upcoming year. I like that better than resolutions! Did you see others doing this? Have you chosen a word?

My word, Balance.

I can use this word in several aspects of my life:

Earn money: Goof off. {I goofed off a bit too much in 2013!} 

Spend / Save / Invest

Eat: Move.  I love sweets, and farm type cooking, so I need to learn to move more.


 Stretch / Yoga: This equals having balance, which I need to be better at!


 Family / Friends: I need to spend more time with some and balance my time with others. Make the time for those that take the time. And make that time quality time!

4 Grandkids: each need time, so balance is important here.

My husband: Work with him, play with him. {I need better balance here as we need to play more!}

Emotions / taking things personal / self-criticism. 2013 was a really good turning point for me. I set many things free and lightened my baggage. 

Keep / Sell: Since I am a peddler, and a pack rat, I need balance here the most. I need to balance out what is purchased, saved and sold. 
 Game plan underway!

Do you have a word?

~ Galoshes


What Makes You YELL...."Pull Over"

If you are out on a drive just looking for scenery, fun shops and places to check out, what is it that pulls you in? We are still waiting on our closing day for the South & Main buildings in Dalton. It was suppose to be April 29th, 2013...but there was a deed hold up, which lead to another deed hold up and here we are only a few days away from 2014 and still no closing. Luckily, esp since we sold our house in November of last year, the sellers have let us start to work on the buildings. There is only so much we are willing to do without having them in our names. Paint, seal up drafts, clean and move things around are about all we can do until the closing. So the huge front windows will have to wait till spring now to be replaced. Also adding to luck, is selling the house we owned to Taylor and her husband, as we have sooooo much STUFF to move! {and still move!}
But I dream about what to do with the shop front. Which leads me to ask you, what pulls you into a small town shop? What is it about a place that makes you do a U-turn? I really want to know what makes your heart patter and your lungs to generate a huge :SIGH:
 Is it the open door, the greenery mixed in with the found objects that calls to you? Could it merely be the signage or the word OPEN?
Photos from Pinterest

Perhaps you see that other than the shop's inventory they also offer coffee or cold sodas, would that encourage your visit? Do odd objects or art pieces mixed in capture your curiosity?
South & Main in Dalton will be open for occasional POP UP shop sales, set dates for flea markets and it will also be a "catch me if I am there working", kind of shop. Because of that and the fact that Dalton is unincorporated, I want it to look inviting and worth the stop or future return visit. We will offer, vintage, antiques, re-purposed along with a mixture of unique, new items. I would love to know what you look for! Could it be the words on the windows, a certain font or maybe the lighting. What is it that you look for that makes you pull over and skip with excitement? I want to create That Feeling!  Can you describe the vision? ~ Galoshes

Photos via Pinteret


Do you use Ebates.com?

MaryJanes referred me to Ebates, as she was happy with their service and cash back. I signed up and started using the site. http://www.ebates.com/rf.do?referrerid=%2FWa6NFznJZlt3nXgA5wUHw%3D%3D

Have you tried it? You log into Ebates, find stores that offer this program, click on the stores, like Amazon and make your purchases. They then send you rebates.EASY! Love it! ~Galoshes.



Pic by Pinterest. Also noted nicolateakeup.
You add your eye liner free hand, right??...Then you make one side too thick so you even out the other side right? Perfect solution above!


Christmas Dog Memories

Dogs are a huge part of my past, present and future. They calm me, keep me active and they balance me as a person. Can you relate? I carry dog memories in my mind like a unfinished novel. One of those coffee table books that is often left open to a favorite page. My dogs are more than pets to me as they are a natural medicine of sorts. If I have ever been ill, down or just feeling blue, a dog kiss is my perfect antidote. Puppy breath, well that is my favorite smell. I could lay on a floor with a puppy kissing me for days on end!

I have have had dogs from pup to the end of their life. I have adopted adult dogs, and lost dogs. I had given a dog to a senior couple that desperately wanted a trained adult dog as a final chapter in their lives. This couple had only had Great Pyrenees and that's the only breed they had ever had or wanted. I had a wonderful one at a time when something in my life had to give....to many things going on including an upcoming surgery as well as three large dogs.  I hadn't intended on giving her up, she was  a wonderful dog. But sometimes you meet people by fate, and that's what happened to me. I drove to their retired farmstead with this big, white furry dog. There they were, Mr & Mrs retired farmer, full of hope in their eyes. They had known my dog since she was a pup, and she was 2 years old now. They knew her name, they knew her gentle licks of the hand. They adored and loved her. I sat with them and this big furry dog as I watched them interact. Mrs Farmer was in a wheel chair and quickly asked for her dog brush. She sat there in the yard and brushed my dog. It was the right fit, but not an easy decision for me. Was I really capable of driving off without her in tow? Could I be so unselfish as to gift this beautiful dog to this sweet couple? I explained that I would drive off, and I could not guarantee that in 10 minutes I would make a U turn back for her. I looked into the eyes of this beautiful old couple, and knew I had given them a gift so valuable to them, that nothing I would ever give could equal. I drove off, and the tears wield in my eyes, though I did not make a U turn. I have kept in contact with them on  few occasions and it makes me so happy to see the bond they have with that big, old dog. 

I have been the recipient of a wonderful golden retriever in a similar situation. A stray that had wandered in by my husband while he was working on an ATV. The shop door was open as she walked in and laid down next to him. He let her stay around and gave her a bite to eat then when he was done working he closed the door to the shop and let her stay inside. My husband knows me and love for dogs, so he had to explain to me that this might be temporary as he lead me to the door. I wasn't sure what he was up to,but I loved the anticipation. The door opened and there was a new friend. We bonded immediately. At the time I worked in a vet clinic, so she went to work with me the next day. She was groomed, heart-worm tested, vaccinated and loved. {I know, I was jumping the gun, that's me always slightly impatient.}A couple weeks went by and no one had claimed her. No ad in the paper, no word of mouth on where she came from.Then another week passed....my husband walked in and sat down, "there is a paper posted in the window of a small little shop a few miles away" he explained. Lost, Big, Red Dog.

My heart sank. I picked up the phone and dialed the number. A sweet woman answered the phone and was glad to hear that her dog had been found. They lived about 3 miles away and she told me that the dog ran off when the son was trying to cure her of the fear of gunshot noise. We loaded her into the car with us, and I cried the whole way there. We walked her inside to reunite her with that sweet couple. We talked with them awhile and then we headed for the door all the while the tears would not stop running down my face. That beautiful dog followed me to the door as it shut between us. That was so hard to do, the right thing to do, but so wrong for my heart. The next day the phone rang, "Lisa, come get "your" dog. She doesn't belong to us any longer." As it turns out she sat at the door after we left and whinnied. She cried her own way just as I had done. I could not get there fast enough to retrieve her. She was now mine and I was hers. The couple said she changed, she didn't belong to them any longer. She planted herself in front of that door and was ready to go back home. 
That was several years ago, I have since had to take her to the vet and hold her while she drew in her last breath as a senior dog.

Her memory still lives inside the chapters of my mind along with other special dogs of my past. There is something about the bond with a good, loyal dog. Something that can't be explained unless you experience it. Do you have a memory of that kind of bond with a dog? A memory that brings a smile to your face as quickly as a tear?
A dog is a rare friend that you can count on to understand your emotions. They are happy to run and play with you as easily as they will sit quietly along side of you.

When I was a little girl I had a dog named Rusty. He was a mid sized poodle mutt mix and he and I adored each other. Each Christmas Eve my family would drive two hours to spend the day and night with grandparent, aunts, uncles and cousins. On the return home from one of these trips Christmas Eve, we walked into the house to find Rusty had celebrated Christmas on his own! All of the presents were unwrapped. Wrapping paper was spread all around in his search for the dog bone gift buried under them. He was a happy dog! I thought it was charming. My brother and sister thought it was a great way to get a sneak peek at gifts. I love that memory, funny how things work out. He got his bone, and I get a smile each Christmas from the memory!

All pictures via Pinterest.
Merry Christmas to you and your dog! ~ Galoshes, Gus & Willow


Updates on SILVER and our lunch.

Did you get any of this snow that we did in Wisconsin? It is pretty, but it makes me worry about friend's and family that have to drive it it. 
As far as going silver..I am still a work in progress....and Taylor is being patient with me...thank goodness! She has my hair close to the EmmeLou color, but more blue tones. I purchased what my husband calls spray paint, which I tried tonight. I liked the results and wish it would stay in! My sister and brother in law are visiting from Arkansas and will be here in the morning. They will laugh at me or question my metal health! I will laugh with them, at myself....it's an adventure! 
So I mentioned that I would let you know how it was at the Chocolaterian Cafe in Madison! Oh......Lu and I had their shot glass of  hot cocoa. SOOO rich and yummy! Taylor opted for a whipped moose in stead. We had warm panini sandwiches and side salads. Everything was really good. There are windows by the tables so that you can watch them create chocolates while you eat. We chatted and laughed al over a beautiful lunch. When we finished we each selected take home treats from the bakers cases. I filled two boxes, one to gift and one for my husband and I.
 I completely over looked adding their Ugly Cookie to our boxes. Lu said they were her new weakness. So I need to go back and try them out! Taylor took special treats home for the kid's and put candles in them for the twins birthday. We had a great visit, and I know it will be a place we will meet at again!


Trying To Go Silver & Chocolate

So a few posts down, I wrote about trying to find my groove with a new silver hair color. I made the appointment at a salon and went. First there was bleach and then I had yellow hair. Then toner was added and I was an ash blond. Ok, but not the silver I was looking to get. So I lived with it for a day. Luckily for me, MaryJanes, Taylor is also a Hair stylist, well, she isn't actively styling any longer other than our family...with her other five family members and Mike and I, that makes for several hair appointments in itself! Yesterday we went to Sallys to grab some "help me go silver" products. Well.....she picks them out, I just pay for them! I have no clue what to do with hair colors! I had tried a temporary hair tint, but it still wasn't the solutions. I wanted this color.............................
Via Pinterest, the beautiful EmmyLou Harris.

Not because of the current silver trend, but because I have always loved this color. So late this afternoon I packed up a few products and headed over to MaryJanes. She bleached my hair again, then I washed it. She bleached the ends to remove the remaining yellow. Then she added a new tint. I should have bought two tubes as the one didn't quite cover my full head of hair. The color turned blue after awhile...we laughed. I looked like a smurf.
I washed it again and there was that silver! We see it, but there is still alot of blond in the mix.

So tomorrow on the way to meet a friend, MaryJanes & Galoshes will go to Sallys once again and I will grab two more tubes of this color. Lunch is at the Chocolaterian Cafe YUM! I may try this: 

               Belgian Ale Monterey Pepper Jack soup with bacon crumbles and Italian parsley.


                  I'm so excited to see the beautiful sights and smell the delicious aromas!
So doesn't this cafe's treats look like art work!
I will let you know who everything was!
Photos from Chocolaterian Cafe ~ Yum Right!!??
The three of us friends, Lu, Taylor and I will sip on hot cocoa and have lunch. Taylor's twins turn 5 tomorrow so we will bring them home a special treat as well.
In the morning, I need to find a hat.....cause I look kinda....sorta...blond with hints of silver and grey.



Job Benefits & Holiday Perks

Do you ever think about what other peoples job benefits are? I don't mean paid holidays or health care coverage....though being self employed.... I would love both of those! The benefits I mean are say for instants  you sell things on the internet, and you work at the post office....heck, your errands to drop off the packages are a snap, just take them along to work! If you worked at a used car lot, you would get first picks at an affordable car or truck and be able to know the truth about the mechanics of it! Do you work at a bakery? I bet you never run out of day old bread, for free!!! Each job has its perks! What are yours? Some perks may not even be obvious to others, I am curious as to what your perks are! 
For me, Galoshes, I am an antique/junk peddler plus I am Taylor's assistant in MaryJanes & Galoshes Photography.  My Perks?? I get to use my inventory until I decide to sell it! See that silver dish with the candle in it? Spot the tag on it? Yep, inventory, plucked for MaryJanes & Galoshes Holiday Party. {If you are one of our friends and you weren't invited to this party, please know that we are holding smaller parties this year and you will be included in an upcoming one!} More parties, just smaller numbers of guests at each! Ok, back to what I was saying. Taylor and I are hosting our annual holiday party at South & Main in Dalton this year. Decorating is easy between my inventory and Taylor's creative talents! We just shop South & Main! Some decorations will still have price tags on them, but hey...maybe someone will buy something at the party!! "Welcome to our party,everything is for sale!" :smile:  Of coarse we make a couple trips into Target for added touches! We love that store!

Taylor has a nice selection of varied sizes of white candles, and since our lighting will only be large white Christmas bulbs and candles....it should make for a cozy environment. We looked around South & Main and found ironstone egg cups and porcelain insulators for candle holders. Put the insulators on a little, silver tray, waahla,,,now its safe from drips and adds some reflective light!  Taylor made up several permanent chalk board arts, each with a cute saying or picture, like the Fresh Cut above. So I go around the shop and pick out "like" items to pair up with the signs and make little vignettes. Those are perks! My perks for assisting Taylor with MaryJanes & Galoshes Photography.....spending time with her, a creative outlet, meeting new people and making great friends! I could say that I get to have my picture taken by a professional, but I am sickly camera shy!

This years MJ&G's holiday party theme....come in your cozy Pjs, 

Chinese take out supper, a huge, exciting and fun dessert and a game that will make everyone laugh to tears! Also during the night we will jot down funny things people say, write the quotes on slips of paper and disburse them through out South & Main in Dalton as fun reminders of a great time with friends! 
A Pj Holiday Party, a great way to de-stress and unwind right before the holidays! 
Friends, Good Food, Chocolate, Wine, Beer, Game and Atmosphere. Easy!


Hair Trends & Funky Ideas

So what do you think of the new trend of silver hair? Loving it? Hate it? All my life I had long, long hair. Then awhile back I decided to let go of some baggage in my mind and cut my hair as a new step into the second half of my life. First time for me with short hair except when my mother cut my long locks and made me look like a dork. I swore off short hair from then on. I keep tying new things, trying to find "my groove". Each time I do, my husband says, "did you find your groove this time"?  I have been saying, "Nope, not yet" I m 51 years old with the maturity of a 12 year old, so finding my groove isn't that easy! I am happy with myself, but want my own new style. Something artsy, fartsy. Do you know what I mean? Have you found your groove? Maybe yours was never missing. I want something that says, "Yep, I have grandkids, but I can still shake it" {I may look like a fool in doing such, but I know how to laugh at myself, so all is good}!  
Several years back I sprayed my hair silver for Halloween. I loved it! I have wanted to go silver ever since. The women in my family don't grey, they don't silver...they just stay brunette into their 80's and 90's. Darn. 
3 months ago I had my hair colored darker with highlites in a honey brown. Not my thing....so I am excited to change it up. {Still looking for the groove}  So it will either be honey blond or silver. I decided to grow my hair back out long, no trims, just find a new color. So what do you think about the trend of silver now....did you notice it yet? I am not a trendy person, I just have always wanted silver hair. My mom has a friend with beautiful silver hair.....she hates it. I have silver envy!  Yes Barb, you! Here are some pictures of hair colors I adore from Pinterest. My hair isn't as short as the top five. Taylor, {MaryJanes} said she watched a U - Tube on silver hair and said the upkeep might be allot...which I would hate.  But if not now, when will I ever try?

What'cha think? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Lisa ~ Galoshes.



Small Towns With Big Dreams
You will hear several times today, "Happy Thanksgiving". The people you walk past, friends and family will each give you a "Happy Thanksgiving". For me, I want to say, "Appreciation". I don't want to simply wish you a nice holiday or a possible day off from work . I want to offer appreciation and a reminder to appreciate the extra time with your kids, your loved one or maybe a day with your best friend or pet. Unwind, breath in the day, slow down and relax. Don't rush the day, don't speed from one destination to another, but rather have appreciation of each free moment you have today. Is your mom in the kitchen cooking up a storm? Is she frazzled? Stop her, give her a hug and tell her you appreciate her. Does your spouse get up and go to work everyday doing their best to provide? Tell him or her of their value, show them you appreciate their efforts. Maybe your spouse stays home or juggles many roles? Offer your appreciation for their contributions to your family. We all play a role in each others lives. Maybe a Grandfather take a few moments with your kids to allow you a few quite moments to unwind. Maybe your mother-in-law sends home that extra pie with your family tonight, let her know you value the time she took to bake it. Appreciate the day for the minutes, hours and seconds you can spend with someone you love. For me, I appreciate my husband, Mike for the way he balances me. I need that from him as my mind is rarely if every in shut down mode. I am planning, thinking, jumping from one idea and dream to the next all the while he stays beside me and offers his trust in my judgement. He doesn't always see my vision, but he backs me. I appreciate that about him!
I appreciate my daughter, Taylor for her friendship. I appreciate that she has a creative mind, yet the intelligences to research and give structure to her dreams. {Something that I lack.} I appreciate my four grandchildren the way they behave and show gratitude and consideration. Those are things that they have in them naturally and by example from their mom and my son-in-law, Jason. I appreciate Jason for being an incredible husband to my daughter, which is the best example a man can show his children! He works hard with goals in mind and also takes a 50/50 role in parenting.
I appreciate my sister, for always being a confidant, and being in my corner. She has taught me so many life lessons that I will never be able to repay! I appreciate my brother, for becoming an incredible father to my niece and nephews, and walking his own path as a family man.
I appreciate my mom for her agility and youthful lifestyle. She keeps young by being active and going and seeing and doing. Something we should all do as we age! There are my friends, each of them, always there to cheer me on, inspire me and make me laugh together and at myself. I appreciate you each for your individual and unique ways!

Then there is myself. Is it vane to appreciate oneself? If I can't appreciate myself, then I can not be much to others. So as for myself, I appreciate my ability to say things the way I see them. {I speak my mind}. I am true to my beliefs and values without pushing them onto others. I appreciate that I don't follow any one's lead, I listen to my own thoughts and ideas. What I appreciate the most about myself, my child-like way that I see the world, I never lost that. It is what makes me cry at sad movies, what moves me to lend a helping hand and what drives me to jump when I become inspired to attempt something that others might fear.
So today, appreciate the things you like about yourself.

And of coarse, eat dessert first!

Lisa ~ Galoshes


Aruas and Colors Just For Fun

 What do you think about other people's energy? 

Image Via Pinterest.

 Do you think it affects how we relate to other people? I had a chat with a friend this morning and the subject came up. A persons Aura, energy and how we relate or come a crossed to other people. I think that we each have energy, maybe it varies from day to day, who knows. I find it somewhat interesting especially since some psychs say that they can read a persons colors and energy. After my friend left, I checked out others on facebook. I saw that a new friend had shared a link and test results of her Aura. Interesting that I just had the conversation just a few minutes before. She tested Blue, and naturally I was curious and followed the link  and found out I was a Purple. Sure enough, as I read through the description, there I am. Are you curious? I would love to know what color you are and if what the description of your Aura describes you.
Thanks Rena, for sharing that on fb today, it was perfect timing!
Go ahead,try it, then leave a comment  as to your color and if it holds true to you. I would love to hear!

Here is what 
Your Aura is Purple!
Personality: Purples hold themselves to sky high standards, and are always very graceful. Purple is envied, idolized, and copied without even realizing it. They are an icon for those who know you. While it is hard to be a perfectionist, rest assured it’s paying off! Purple is the most down to earth aura, they are the typical guy or gal next door. Purples may think they are better than others but deep inside they know they are not. Purple is very practical. Other auras take a liking into purple. Idealistic and thoughtful, they have the mind and ideas to change the world. Purple has the charisma of a great leader. Purple always seems to know what to say or do in every situation they are confronted with. They exercise good judgment daily. They don’t agonize too much about their decisions, the right answer just seems to come to them. Purples have one of the most active imaginations, but tend to be more focused on what could be potentially possible than dreaming about the impossible. Purples live a well balanced life and prefer to stay as calm as possible.Having a personality color purple or violet as your favorite color means you are sensitive and compassionate, understanding and supportive, thinking of others before yourself. You are a gentle and free spirit. Purples feelings run deep and you can be quite sensitive to hurtful comments from others, although you would never show it. People are drawn to your charismatic and alluring energy. You are usually introverted rather than extroverted and may give the impression of being shy although this is not the case. You are creative and like to be individual in most of your endeavors, including your dress and home decoration - you love the unconventional. You are idealistic, and often impractical, with a great imagination, Purples tend to look at life through rose-colored glasses. People who don't understand you sometimes think you are eccentric because you spend so much time in your fantasy world. You inspire others with your creative thinking and your ability to deal positively with adversity. Purples are very intuitive and quite psychic. You are a generous giver, asking for little in return except friendship. You can be secretive, with even your closest friends not really knowing you well. You dislike responsibility and have difficulty dealing with real day-to-day problems. You dislike being part of the crowd. You don't like to copy others and you don't like them to copy you. You are a visionary, with high ambitions, dreams and desires, and a compulsion to help humanity and to improve the planet earth. You often hold positions of power because you are visionary, but you delegate to others all the minor details that you aren't interested in. You like to have the best of everything, so you aim high. Being the free spirit you are, you love to travel to experience different cultures and meet new people. You are a good judge of character and sum others up quite quickly and accurately, although you usually see the best in everybody. Time means little to you and you are often late for everything. You trust the flow of the Universe to take care of everything. You can sometimes appear arrogant and conceited if operating from a negative perspective. You can be selfish and self-indulgent as you don't like being imposed upon by others beliefs and regulations.
Image via Pinterest

I hope you have fun trying it and finding out what color you are!
Lisa ~ Galoshes 
{MaryJanes....what color are you}?


Plaids and layers work perfect for behind & in front of a camera!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hollister Co for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.




MaryJanes & Galoshes has an extension to it aside from this blog, which is MaryJanes & Galoshes Photography.This would be the reason why Galoshes {myself} has stepped into contributing to posts, MJ is so busy editing photos! Taylor {the MaryJanes of the two of us} finds fashion easy. She sees clothes and accessories as art in a form that she just pulls all together. She has style, thus, assigning "MaryJanes" to her is self explanatory. Me on the other hand, Galoshes sums it up! Jeans, T-shirt and barefoot whenever possible. Taking into consideration that we do photography together, I need to come up with a style that allows me to work setting up props for photo sessions, yet look put together when the client arrives. This didn't come easy to me, and still doesn't, but it's allot easier with inspiration boards! MaryJanes and I also do inspiration boards for clients, our boards alway seem to include layers and plaids, they just photograph well!

I like 90’s inspired styles with an effortless, laid back attitude. Since I sometimes start setting up props in the morning, {couches, chairs & suitcases} I start to get warm as I set up. I like Heritage plaids and flannels, perfect for layering, buttoning up, or tying around your waist yet still looking put together. Clothes that let me work, peel off layers then dress them back up just before the clients arrive. I love their small roll on perfumes too, perfect size to fit into my pocket to dab on just before our clients arrive!

 Hollister Co has "wish Lists" that allow you to easily add pieces of your wardrobe to it to review how well everything works together. This is a great thing for me as I can show Taylor prior to purchasing to make sure I picked the best looks for working and appearance. She's like my own personal wardrobe consultant!

I currently have a Hollister Holiday Wish List that I shared on Facebook, great for Christmas gift ideas! You can create an outfit board featuring your must have Hollister outfit this season. What items are on your
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Make sure you check out their super cozy sweaters, leggings, flannels, and sweatshirts to keep
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A Perfect Day! Chit Chat A Bit.

There is something to be said for being self employed! For me it's the enjoyment of being able to drop everything and put it on the back burner to do something inspiring when the offer comes up. This morning I stopped over at Taylor's, {MaryJanes} she was busy crafting with two of 4 year olds, while waiting for the bus to pick them up for afternoon 4-K. They were using my oldest granddaughters ballet stand as a yarn stand and wrapping the yarn around it. I guess they were making pom poms for a wreath. The shades of gray and cream yarn were really pretty.  She announced, "I'm feeling crafty today if you want to go home and grab your stash of wool sweaters?" "We can felt them and sew mittens for the South & Main sale on the 7th" she added. I hadn't even thought about doing that today, but hey, why not! So back home to get the boxes I had stashed away over the past two years for the "someday project" of felting mittens. 
Three were already felted, so we could start. The others went in the hot water cycle!

 Today was the day, not because I had it on the day planner or on my weeks list of to-do's! It would happen today because my daughter was inspired to create, and made the offer to help me out! I love that. It took me 10 minutes to gather my supplies and head back to find a hot cup of chocolaty, creamy coffee with whipped cream and sprinkles waiting for me. I adore her!
Add caption
 I thought that what she had made was hot cocoa as it was so rich and creamy! It looked just like the Pinterest picture below, even the same color of cup!
Pinterest Image.
The washing machine was working away felting the bulk of pretty, wool sweaters. The oldest grandson was already at school, the twins were getting ready for the bus to pick them up and the baby was napping. Taylor fired up her sewing machine, we started cutting and pinning and creating. What a wonderful way to spend my day...and it wasn't even planned out! 

During the day Taylor had a new refrigerator delivered. I have refrigerator envy!

Have you seen this one? Four doors, and the bottom right side can be a freezer or refrigerator! They will use that lower, right section for the kids to use....all four of them!
The baby woke up and smiled all afternoon, the kids arrived off the bus and everyone was excited to see creative energy in the works!
We had been working on mittens all day long when her husband walked in with two iced coffees!!! :smile: Yep, one for her and one for me! Really, seriously... I live this life!
So you see, if you know how to manage money, juggle your time, and work when you need to work as a self employed person, you reap so many rewards!  Do you have a dream of being self employed? Tell us about it!
Lisa ~ Galoshes.