Holiday Art Display with Duck Tape®!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Duck Brand® for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

It's December!!! Which at my house means lots of festive decor and crafts.  My kids are at that age where they really love seeing their artwork displayed (usually on the fridge) which is great, but I don't like a ton of clutter on my refigerator.  So I came up with a solution we are all very happy with!  

It started with this box of Duck® Brand duct tape with all the great holiday themes!  I have a million uses for it, but I am most excited about this project so I thought I would share the tutorial with you.  We made reversible magnetic frames for the kids' art!  Check out the final result-




It was super simple and you only need a couple supplies.  

  • At least two patterns of Duck® Brand duct tape (if you want it to be reversible)
  • Maganets (make sure they stick to metal on both sides, some maganets only have one magnetic side)
  • Scissors
  • A piece of paper to dertmine size (what ever size your kids normally draw on, for us it was standard paper)



I don't like to do a lot of measuring so I found laying the paper down and using it to determine the size of my duct tape strips was easiest for me.  I made each stip a bit longer so that I could trim the corners nice and neat.  Place the duct tape sticky side up and work your way around the paper.  



Once you have the full frame add magenets to the sticky side.  How many magnets you need depends on how large your frame is.  



Now with your second pattern do the same thing but with the sticky side down right on top of your first frame.  Sandwhiching the magnets in the middle.  The tape holds it in place.  


Then trim the excess on the cornes to make it nice and neat.  

100_0493 100_0494

Now let your little ones test it out!  We found it was easiest for them to use if you put a small magnet on the art work to hold it in place while you put the frame on, then take the place holder magent off.  You can choose the side of the frame that goes best with each art work or your mood for that day!  


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