DIY Driveway part 2!

I shared the DIY steps for redoing your driveway a bit back.  You can find the steps here.  So here is the after picture!  The scuff looking things are dirt, I waited a few days to take the picture and it wasn't all sparking clean anymore.  But much better than the before!  And it's all protected for the winter.  

Some of you asked for the details so I'm happy to share!  This project was done with True Value hardware, so all supplies and pricing are from my local True Value.

Sealer- 8 pails which totaled $120
Caulk for cracks- $16 worth of caulk tubes
Brush/squeegee $9

So a total of $145 and 3 hours of labor.

I use the term labor fairly loosely, as I feel it was easy enough for anyone to do themselves.   I hope next time you need it done you consider doing it yourself with True Value Hardware!